Temple Run 2 App Review

Temple Run 2 App review


BY: Alex and NIcholas Maculam,Staff writers


Every so often, maybe once every three months, a mobile game comes along that consumes my time.The original Temple Run game was (and still is) a good game, with 170m downloads so far across iOS and Android.

If you’re new to Temple Run, here’s what it is it’s an “endless runner” game where your character has to run (and leap, turn and slide) for as long as possible without falling to their doom, smacking face-first into trees or bridges, or getting caught by the giant monkey that – for reasons unexplained – is chasing you. If you die, you go back to the start. Well, usually.

Temple Run 2 is a bit different than the first one, with a simple set of touchscreen movements used to control your runner. Swipe up to jump, swipe left and right to turn and swipe down to slide. These are power ups for avoiding the obstacles in your path, while collecting coins and power-ups along the way – the former by tilting your device right and left to run over the lines of coins.

Also new: a minecart section where your character reaches the mouth of a mine then leaps into a cart, which you then steer safely through forks by tilting left and right, while ducking under stray beams. Temple run is so much similar to Indiana jones. Any character can grab power-ups within the game by jumping into the air when they spot one hovering, but each character also has one power-up built in, triggered by double-tapping when they’ve collected enough coins to fill up a coin meter on the left-hand side of the screen.

Temple run 2 is definitely an application that you should download on your smartphone or tablet. It keeps you entertained for hours and its loads of fun. Its free and its worth your time. If you like playing adventurous games than Temple Run 2 is the game you should download.


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