New Years Eve Movie Review

      New Years Eve Movie Review

By: Alexander and Nicholas Maculam,staff writers  `


As with “Valentine’s Day,” the story for director Garry Marshall and screenwriter Katherine Fugate is “Love, American Style” except some of the scenes interconnect. Eight narratives play in “New Year’s Eve,” which is set in New York City on December, 31. Hilary Swank plays the overseer of the big ball drop (Mayor Michael Bloomberg, looks a lot like Joel Grey, makes an appearance), but the ball has mechanical problems, which means a cameo for Marshall’s eternal good-luck charm, Hector Elizondo. Elizondo has a way of elevating lame banter, and thanks to “New Year’s Eve” he has his way.


Elsewhere in the great big city, Ashton Kutcher and Lea Michele are stuck in an elevator together. Robert De Niro lays dying in a hospital, hoping to see the ball drop from the rooftop one last time. Halle Berry is his nurse. Michelle Pfeiffer is the mousy record company executive who helps delivery boy-man Zac Efron. Katherine Heigl and Jon Bon Jovi discuss past heartache and future prospects at the swank New Year’s Eve party hosted by Cherry Jones, whose son, Josh Duhamel, is stuck in Connecticut and trying to get back. Sarah Jessica Parker is the mother of Abigail Breslin, the latter desperate to go off on her own with her pals and have her first kiss.


And there’s so much more! Each beat and every reaction shot encourage the actors to go further like Jessica Biel in the labor scene. Both of them want to win a contest where you have to give birth to a baby on midnight new years eve and you win $10,000.


This movie will make you laugh,cry and more. If you like either one of those things than you should go out and buy “New Years Eve”. Even though this movie came out two years ago, its still a wonderful movie to watch.

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