Single Awareness Day

Single Awareness Day

by Jenny Pham (staff writer)

            Why hello there calendar, I thought as I woke up this morning. What day is it today? Oh, wait I know! It’s Valentine’s! Yay!


Today’s the day when every girl in school is just scrambling on the floor just for a date. What is this holiday for? It doesn’t do anything! (Then again, all holidays don’t really do much, now that I think about it.) It’s only for couples that already been made, but half the time they end up breaking up. Besides, what girl is actually going to find a date on ONE day!

Then again, I guess I’m being a bit too harsh because I’m trying to find a date too, but I still think that Valentine’s is kind of stupid! I guess being like other girls is hard. Darn peer pressure.

Oh, yeesh I’m rambling, aren’t I? My name’s Danielle Triun and I’m “that one kid in class” at school. I have friends, but that’s what other people think of me. As I’ve already told you, it’s Valentine’s. I’m trying to get a date and try kick it off with a guy that I really like. I don’t really want to do this when I’m twelve, but . . .

The kids over here think that if you don’t have a date, you’re a pretty big loser. They say that if no one likes you, no one else does. It’s a really stupid social thing over here, but I really don’t want to be called a loser. I’m going to try at least.

After eating breakfast and all that stuff, I get to school. I decide that I get about three or four chances, at least, to get a date. I had this morning before school starts, snack, lunch, and after school. In the morning, I spied around looking for guy that I got along with. Then my eyes landed Timothy Oldale.

Everyone gets along with that guys so much that he’s too good to be a real person. OH GOD, EVERYONE ELSE IS STARING AT HIM TOO. I DON’T HAVE A CHANCE. Urghhhh, but I have to try . . . I sat on a bench to think on this. It’ll be too embarrassing to go up to and ask him to go out with me in public, but then again, I just might have a chance with him, so like . . . It doesn’t hurt to try . . . Well, it’ll hurt my social status but . . .

BRRIINNG! Oh, that’s the school bell. Wait . . . OH MY GOD, I LOST MY CHANCE. I panicked. I convinced myself that I could still meet up with him at snack . . . I hoped.

After a few periods, the bell rung again to let us go to snack. I ran out of the classroom and to the cafeteria. I searched to Tim and I cannot find him! I groan in annoyance; Bachelor number one has left the house. He might have been the only bachelor in fact.

I search for another guy. Well, there’s Li over there. Li’s . . . I don’t really know him that well. Everyone says that he’s smart and that he’s a pretty nice guy, and I hate to admit it but he looks . . . really, really . . . nice.

So I walked towards him and I awkwardly started talking to him . . . Then, we talked a little more and got more comfortable. Then I popped the question. Turns out he already has a girlfriend.

Disappointment of my life. Then his girlfriend came in and told me to scram.

I moped around a bit and then the bell rung. I guess I spent too much time with Li.

Okay, so attempt number three was during lunch. After class I rushed to the cafeteria, the hub of socializing. Everyone here just talks and hang out, some being a little bit too lovey dovey in my opinion. I scoped out for a guy. It would be a snap to find someone here.

Or so I thought . . . I kept on looking and looking, but half the guys I know are taken! This is . . . What can I do now!? Be label loser for life!? I hate this girly social thing so much! I double checked. I gasped. There’s a guy over there! I might have a chance!

I walked over there, determined not to be at the bottom of the social pyramid. Then I stopped abruptly . . .


I spent my whole lunch just trying to find someone single. Forget about eating, the girls here are brutal about this kind of stuff! I didn’t have a chance in this school unless I was like them!

After school ended, I just walked around the gate hopelessly. I tried asking any guy I knew if they would go out with me, but they all just said that they have dates. After a while, I gave up. I just sat down at the entrance. I panicked. The girls were here.

At the head was the “chief”, Tina Mendez. Following her was her little crew, but mainly Lily Bowinski and Tammy Green, her so-called friends. They walked up to me with smug looks on their faces.

“Hey Danielle!” She smirked. “Hey! Do you have a boyfriend yet? I don’t see anyone here. I guess he bailed! Or maybe you never had one in the first place.” Her little crew all laughed at me. “A loser is a loser for life! We should get away from her before we catch anything!” They then left, still laughing at me.

I sighed. I’m going to be branded loser for the rest of my days huh? Oh gosh, they are going to make my life miserable for as long as they know me . . .

I heard some steps next to me. I didn’t look up. I really didn’t want to look at anything at this point, especially couples.

“Danielle? What are you doin’, lookin’ all bummed?” Then I looked up.

“Lindsay? I haven’t seen you all day! What have you been up to?” I asked, a little more cheerful. Lindsay Dellis is my best friend. I don’t even know why I haven’t talked to her all day.

“I should be askin’ the same thing,” she replied. She sat down with me. “I’ve been looking for you. ‘Sides, you haven’t answered my question. You were just moping a few seconds ago. What’s the problem?”

I hesitated. I didn’t really want to answer. I refused to tell her, but after a small little argument, I agreed to. I told her about everything that happened today. I hated to talk about these things, especially when Tina came in. I always just hated talking about these personal things, but I knew I had to.

“So that’s what happened,” Lindsay asked. I regretfully nodded. “You’re stressing over this? Come on, we don’t need to be like those girls. They’re just a bunch of snobs. They’re lame! If you don’t like them, then why be like them? Not like you need their stamp of approval.” I realized that she was right.

“‘Sides, who needs a guy right now? We’re kids! We’ve got plenty of time to do things! Not like everyone’s going to rush it.” Lindsay stood up and smiled. “Let’s just go to your house and have some fun. You’ll feel better in  no time.”

I stood up with her. Lindsay was right. Everything she said was right. I didn’t need TIna’s approval. I don’t need a guy to fit in. I don’t even think people can even ‘fit in.’ I’ve got my pace. They’ve got theirs. We all live like that. Lindsay began to walk and I smiled as she went ahead. I have a friend. I can go on in life. I ran up to her and we started to hang out. In the end, I just forgot about the whole thing.

I am writing this right now at home, as an adult with a husband, a great job, and still with the best friend I ever had. I went through my own pace and I ended up fine with a happy ending. I didn’t walk alone though. Lindsay was always there and still is.

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