Chinese New Year’s Mayhem

Chinese New Year’s Mayhem


By: Jade Tao, Staff Writer


“Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!” I rose up suddenly, I looked around and stared at my window to see a bird singing in a tree. I had a feeling that today was going to be disastrous. I went to the kitchen to get cereal for breakfast. I looked at the calendar and checked the date for today . Today was Chinese New Year and everyone forgot. I had my mom and dad wake up first because, they had to hear it first. I crept to their room and knocked on the door. Once they got to the door I explained what the date was and that our family was coming over in about 3 hours. They immediately got ready and my mom went to the supermarket for food. My dad went to finish all the Red Envelopes for my cousins. I walked  leisurely to my older brother’s bedroom door. I knocked on the door and yelled “DID YOU KNOW THAT OUR COUSINS ARE COMING OVER!?” I heard a thump on the floor I knew the sound  as my brother falling on the floor. I heard him running to the door and unlocking the door. I knew that today is going to be a day to remember.


“Ding Dong!” my doorbell rang. I went to go the door I was surprised that my mom and dad finished in time. I greeted my cousins and the first thing they asked was where was the outlet. The youngest cousin asked me where my cat was. I replied “he would be in the kitchen dozing.” I saw that my brother was talking to all my guy cousins about minecraft. I watched the rest of my cousins talking about “One Direction”. I sighed my cousins were the same as usual. I went to Alice,the youngest, petting my cat ,Amber. I asked her how was June , her cat. She replied that June was active and always in trouble. I was about to explain why June keeps on getting in trouble but, my mom asked me to come to the kitchen. She explained we forgot to buy the Red Envelopes so she and dad  would go buy them for about 30 minutes. She said that I was in charge and that James can’t be in charge because, of what happened last time.


“Stop Jumping ON THE BED!!!!!” I yelled at the boys. Why did I have to be in charge of theses baboons. I yelled at my brother “help me at least!!!”. He replied “nope.” I heard the door ring I ran to the door tripping over my cousin’s foot. I got up and got to the door. I opened the door to see my parents. I sighed in relief. My mom and dad said that there were no more and we had to settle for regular envelopes.”well it can’t get any worse.” I told my mom and dad.


After we all ate dinner, mom and dad started handing the envelopes out. I got mine and I noticed my cousins were all confused but, they all got over it after a minute. They all thanked my mom and dad for it. I was glad mostly nothing went wrong. Alice was tugging on my sleeve and whispered “did they run out of red envelopes to hand out?” My reply was “They did run out of it. how did you know?” She replied “I have my ways.”

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