A New Year’s Eve Miracle

A New Year’s Eve Miracle

by Hana Lee (Staff Writer)

            These past days were a blur to me. Everything happened so fast that I feel like I was on a rollercoaster ride, and it was going so fast, I didn’t know what to do. Christmas was a blast; I got to open presents, and I got to go Christmas caroling with the neighbors. Usually it’s the adults that sing, but they recently found out I was a great singer! I never knew this, but they begged and begged for me to sing with them. They even bribed me! Anyways, it was a ton of fun, now it’s over. My little brother has bugging me lately. He wants to stay up until midnight to see the ball drop. We live in New York, so once I was old enough, I got to go with my friends and see it drop. It was the highlight of my life when I first saw it. Now, it’s just getting boring, but I recently got a crush on a boy named Aiden Bartiza. I don’t think I have a chance with him because he rarely notices me, he only talks to me when he needs help with something, and he only hangs out with the boys from his school. I came from Dexter Middle School, and he came from Grand Park Middle School. It looks like we don’t even have anything in common. Suddenly, the phone rang.


“Hey Vivian, it’s Kate. Are you going with us to see the ball drop again?”


“I don’t know. I might just stay home.”


“Please, I don’t have anyone to go with. Julia said she has to go to Florida to see her family, and Gianna said she’s going to some family dinner party that day.”


“Fine. I’ll see if I can go.”


During dinner, I asked my mom, and guess what she said,”Sure honey, whatever you want!”


“Thanks. I don’t know if I should get there early and go to the top.”

“Honey, I’m fine with what you want to do; just take some pictures for us.”


That night, I told Kate, and we decided if we should go early and meet all the celebrities that are going to be there. After we hung up, I still couldn’t get my mind off of Aiden. I wished for him to be there, but I still might not have a chance.


Mom and Dad dropped me and Kate off at the parking lot. “Good-bye honey! Don’t lose your phone!”


“Okay mom. I’ll take some pictures. Don’t worry.”


They drove off and we had nowhere to go. The place was crowded, even though it was 9:00. As we squeezed through the tough crowd, I spotted the cop, and I grabbed Kate’s hand to make sure I don’t lose her. When we told the cop we wanted to go to the top, he said it was full capacity. “Please, sir, LET US THROUGH!”

“We won’t cause any trouble, we promise.”


After a few minutes, the cop let us through. As we went to the top, I checked the time. it was already 10:00! We watched some performances, and everytime i turned around, I saw a familiar face out of the corner of my eye. I dragged Kate over where I could see him better. “What in the world are you doing? We had a perfect view!”


“Just trust me! I know what I’m doing!”




“NO. Please, I went to this thing with you, now you have to do the same thing with me.”


“ Fine.”


I looked at the mysterious guy, and I was right! It was Aiden Bartiza. He was looking at the performances with his striking blue eyes. He looked stunning, standing in the shadow of the lights. I decided to head towards the exit because I didn’t want to collide with him, but Kate grabbed my hand, and pulled me back to our spot. “What are you doing? You’ve been acting so weird these past few hours. Is something wrong, or is there a secret you don’t want to tell me? We’re best friends, and we never keep secrets from each other.”


“It’s nothing. I have nothing whatsoever to tell you about.”


“If you say so.”


Kate checked the time and she squealed with delight. It was almost midnight, so I started to walk backwards to get a good picture, when suddenly, I bumped into someone. “Whoop! Watch where you are going.” Aiden said.


“Oh my goodness, I’m so sor…


I turned around, and I saw Aiden. It was really him. I didn’t know what to do. It felt like a dream come true.

“Hi. I’m Vivian, you may know me from school?”


“Yea, I remember you. You helped me fix my paper.”


“Yep, that’s me.”


I was really nervous talking to him. Everyone started to countdown.


“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0!”


Everyone in Times Square shouted, and just then, Aiden and I looked into each other’s eyes. He grabbed me close, and it happened. Our eyes closed and we kissed right on that spot. The fireworks were shot and confetti sprayed. We let go of each other, and we both had a dreamy look in our eyes. When Kate found us, she looked at me then him, then me, then him and so on. Aiden and I smiled sheepishly, and we headed down along with Kate. When he left, Kate kept nagging me about him, and she wouldn’t stop. She forced me to tell her everything that happened, and I told her about everything except the kiss. The kiss, well, I’ll tell her when she’s ready, but for now, I’ll keep it a secret. Please, don’t tell anyone.


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