No Regular New Year

No Regular New Year

By: Melody Garcia (Staff Writer)

            Hello again! It’s Maci Tylers. Last time you heard from me it was Christmas, but now it’s New Year’s Eve. I am so excited and also quite nervous. Why? Instead of everybody coming to my house, we decide to pull someone’s name out of a hat. Whoever was chosen would host the New Year’s Eve party. Guess who it was? If you guessed Brayden, DING DING we have a winner! Now I am scared out of my mind. There are a billion questions running through my head, “What do I wear?  What do I bring? Do I have to bring anything?” The list goes on and on, but I don’t want to bore you. I zoomed to my closet and started tearing through it like Hurricane Sandy part two. Just when I picked my comfy, warm, and yet still fashionable clothes, my phone started to ring, “Hello?”


“Hi Maci! Why are you breathing so heavily?”


My words got caught in my throat while the person on the other line was screaming hello. Why would he call me right now? It only made me more nervous that Brayden decided to surprise me with a call. “Oh you know, just went for a jog,” I said with sweat still beading down my forehead. My nervousness went from a eight all the way up and off the scale. Why does he have such an effect on me? Maybe I’m falling for him? No way! I just met him three months ago; it’s impossible… or is it?


While I am mentally fighting with myself, I hear Brayden say something that snapped me out of my trance, “Fine then, I’ll just hang up!”


“No don’t! I’m sorry, I’m just a little out of it today,” I say shyly.


“Oh no! What happened? Are you sick? Did you hit your head? What’s going on? Are you okay?” He said with anxiety written all over his voice


I cut him off just as he started to hyperventilate, “No, no. I am fine. Just a little-”


I was interrupted by my brother before I could say anything else, “Maci? Who are you talking to? Is it that little boyfriend of yours? Hmmm what’s his name, Brayden? If so, then tell if he hurts you, I’ll hurt him twice as hard!” He said from the other side of the door.


I was rigid with embarrassment, “I’m your boyfriend? When was I gonna know about this?” Brayden sarcastically asked. I’m sure there was a smirk sewed onto his perfect tan face. Woah. Did I just think that? “Anyway, when were you gonna get here?”


I was perplexed, “Huh?”


“The New Years party! I wanted to give you a break from throwing all the parties! Remember?” Brayden asked.


As soon as he said so, I did remember, “Haha, oh yeah. Well, I’m dressed and everything, so I’ll be there in ten minutes.” He replied with a great and probably a movie star worthy smile. I hopped in my Ford Mustang and drove off to Brayden’s house.


When I arrived, I did some last minute touch-ups then decided to knock. I heard running to the door. No, not running; stampeding. Just then, I had a flashback of what happened on Halloween and remembered that Brayden had a dog. Not just a little rat type thing either, no it was a full on Rotweiler. The door had opened, and just as it did the “monster” jumped on me. He didn’t look ferocious though, he looked friendly. He started licking my face and I just started laughing, “Cuddle Bunny! Come back! Down boy, down!” Brayden yells when he runs outside. He finally gets Cuddle Bunny off of me while looking a bit flustered.


I chuckled, “No, no it’s okay. He’s a little scary at first, but definitely a ‘Cuddle Bunny’. How did you come up with that anyway?”


He blushed, “I was four okay!”


“It’s okay I’m not judging. I thought it fit quite well,” I laughed.


“Well, don’t be a stranger. Come in!” I heard Isaac yell from inside. I ran inside and saw the whole gang. Elijah, Samantha, Asia, Marina, Isaac, and Jason were sitting in a circle. “We were starting to get worried. Thought you were going to bail on us,” Isaac said while Brayden shut the door and sat down patting the spot in between him and Jason. I chuckled and sat down. Brayden looked like a five year old.


Elijah smacked Isaac’s head, “We never thought you would do that, Maci. You’ve always been there for us and vice versa.” I smiled.


Isaac scoffed, “Jeez, can’t you take a joke.”


“Anywho, what were you guys doing before the party came,” I joked and pointed to myself.


Elijah chuckled, “Well, we all just barely got here and we were waiting for you so we could all play dare or double dare”


“Oh, yes! I love that game! Okay then. Let’s start! Jason, truth or dare?” Asia asked.


“Double dare! Definitely double dare.” Jason replied with a smirk.


“Alright. Hmmm, oh! For the next week whenever someone asks you a question you have to respond with ‘do you want fries with that?’,” Asia dared.


Jason groaned, “Fine! Uh… Isaac, dare or double dare?”


Isaac was thinking then all of a sudden zoned out. Is he braindead or something? I snapped my fingers in front of his face and he snapped right out of his trance, “Oh yeah… Double dare.”


“I double dare you to dress up like up like a girl on Valentine’s Day,” Jason replied cockily.


Isaac moaned in agony and I could see why. He wasn’t going to get kissed on Valentine’s Day. I laughed to myself. Isaac stopped his tantrum to look at Elijah, “Eli! Dare or double dare?”


“Dare,” Elijah looked at him with an enormous smile.


“Alright, I dare you to get a 6 ounce cup, fill it up with toilet water, and drink it,” Isaac said with guilt in his eyes. I saw it, but nobody else did. Jason and Marina were laughing, Asia and Samantha rolling on the floor with tears of laughter streaming down their faces, and Brayden was keeping a poker face,I could see that he felt sorry for Elijah.


Eli looked as if she was going to cry, “O-okay,” she mumbled forcing the tears not to spill out of her eyes. She got a cup and walked to the bathroom slowly, but surely, as we followed her like lost puppies. Once she got there I saw a tear drip down her face and into the cup.


I wanted to help her, but Isaac already beat me there, “NO!” He snatched the cup that was filled with toilet water and dumped it back into the toilet, “You aren’t doing that dare. I’m sorry. I just thought that and gave it to you, but I really didn’t mean for you to do it.” Elijah looked shocked then smiled. She ran up to him and gave him a huge hug. Isaac blushed a little and when Eli let go she did too. Oh what’s this? A future couple? I might just have to work my matchmaking magic. Maybe Isaac would get a Valentine’s Day kiss.


We all went back to our circle and Elijah asked Brayden this time, “Brayden, dare or double dare?”


“Double dare,” Brayden said with that big confident smile that makes him only more irresistible.


Eli had a mischievous smirk playing on her face when she said these words that hadn’t bothered me until they came out of her mouth, “When the ball drops tonight, you have to kiss Maci.”


I blushed about just as bright as a cherry. Hey don’t judge me, cherries are awesome. Brayden did also. Wait, so he does like me?


We went out to eat dinner; hot dogs and hamburgers. Yum. An old American favorite.


By the time we finished eating it was eleven fifty-eight p.m. The girls shoved me in a quiet room while the guys did the same with Brayden. It was awkward until we heard the countdown on the other side of the door. “Ten, nine, eight,” Eli shouted while Brayden and I got closer. “Seven, six, five, four,” Brayden wrapped his arms around my waist. “Three, two.”


Now there was only an inch between us when we counted together, “One.” As our lips connected I felt fireworks, bombs, and a whole new world of explosions. We were lost in time. This just goes to show you that this was definitely no regular New Year.##

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