Chess Club

Chess Club

By: S. Hu and A. Kabir, staff writers

If you like a challenge, Chess Club is a very fascinating club that people can join. It is a year-round club that meets during lunch in room 10, every Friday, led by Mr. Magnus. There are many fun things that take place during chess club such as tournaments and entertainment, where musicians play ukelales and sing. Chess club is a fun place to get lessons on strategies of playing chess, and to relax and eat during lunch.

Last year they had tournaments that won cash and other items. Last year, $5 cash prizes were given to the winners. The tournament is laid out as one on one matches until the very final match. The tournaments are available for any experience levels from beginner to advanced. If you are advanced and think it is easy, you can always ask Magnus for a friendly match. But don’t be alarmed if you think Magnus is hard because he claims many people have beaten him.

Beginners consider chess hard but as you learn and play more, it’s known to get much easier. The lessons Mr. Magnus teaches you are fun and very useful for the tournaments and matches. Chess is basically a battle between two different colored teams with 16 pieces on each side.  It is like a war, with each piece being able to move differently across the board.  The object is for one side to ultimately capture the other’s king. Once you join chess club and start playing, you will find chess very interesting.

So, overall, we recommend that you should join chess club because of all the fun and entertaining things such as listening to the live music and winning tournament prizes. You can always bring your friends to have a great time playing chess. Right now the chess club needs at least 25 people. So join if you want to have a great time.

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