No Regular Valentine’s Day

No Regular Valentine’s Day

By: Melody Garcia (Staff Writer)

            Hey. You have met Maci, but I’m not her. My name is Brayden James Keane. I know you have heard of me because I’ve been in the story before. Why am I narrating the story this time? Well, Maci’s sick. My poor baby girl. Woah, we aren’t even dating and I am already acting like her boyfriend. Truth is I really like Maci, and I think she likes me too. I have always had a crush on her, but I never got up the nerve to ask her out. That ends today. Umm so I guess I’ll start the story on how Maci does. Okay, today is Valentine’s Day and Isaac is wearing his dare. By his dare I mean that he is dressed up like a girl. He seems a little embarrassed. Of course he would be. If Maci was here and I had to dress up like a girl I would be embarrassed too. We have school today and it is not as fun without Maci, Marina, Samantha and Asia, but mostly Maci. Wait. Why are Marina, Samantha, and Asia gone? I am thinking of reasons when Eli skips over to me with a big smile on her face, “Ermahgerd! Isaac asked me out!”


“I am confused? Why are you telling me this?” I ask. Seriously, by the amount of energy this girl has I am surprised she doesn’t have anymore friends. I mean, who says ermahgerd? What does it even mean? I don’t speak girl. How do I even know how to spell it?!


“Because,” she said dragging out the ‘se’, “Maci, Marina, Samantha, and Asia are gone. So today you are my girliefriend.”


“What? No! Why can’t you get Isaac to do it?” I questioned not really angrily, but more like embarrassed. I pointed to Isaac screaming and running away from people with phones, cameras, or iPods.


“Isaac! It’s not Halloween!”


“I see you have finally found your new nature, Isaac!”


“I love your dress, Isaac! Where can I get one?”

She giggled, “No I can’t do that silly,” she said and ruffled my hair. “If it’s about Isaac, I can’t talk to him about him.” She said with a duh tone. I groaned while she just started chatting away. Then, the bell rang. Wow, now I actually believed the saying saved by the bell. She slinked away to Isaac and even from yards away I can still see his blush.


I went to my first class, Science. This is going to be boring, considering Maci is my partner in all of my classes. The tardy bell rang just as I sat down in my chair. “Okay take your seats. We have a big partner project today,” Mr.Mantineze’s loud voice rang through the quiet class. “It’s going to be about…” I zoned out while thinking about how I was going to ask out Maci today. What if her brother got in the way? What if her dad didn’t like me? What if I messed up? I think I about to be sick at the thought of messing up. All the possibilities raced through my head. “Mr.Keane! What in the world is wrong with you today?! Just because it is Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can zone out and ANSWER THE QUESTION!” Mr.Mantineze yelled at me.


I couldn’t comprehend the correct words, what the sentence was, and I was still thinking about Maci. Instead of asking what the question was; I looked at Mr.Mantineze and said, “Huh?”


That was the worst possible thing I could have done because Mr.Mantineze said, “One more zone out, Mr.Keane, and you will be history in this-” He got cut off by the bell ringing. I guess the bell loves me today. I ran out of the class before he could finish talking.


The day went by fast with the usual scream from the teachers to pay attention. I hopped into my 69’ Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu that is maroon. It was my grandpa’s, and my dad didn’t want it. I kept it in tip-top shape ever since I was five.  Anyway, I went to the flower shop to buy Maci some carnations. I left before I even got out of the car. Why? It was packed! I decided to go to this little garden I found before I went to go to my job on Halloween. I hand picked the carnations and they still smelled fresh. Then I went to the store and bought some chocolates and made sure there wasn’t any with coconut or cashews. What? Maci doesn’t like coconut and is allergic to cashews. I went down the ice cream aisle and got Maci her favorite ice cream, Phish Food by Ben & Jerry’s. After that, I got tomato soup and orange chicken. Next thing I knew I was at Maci’s house.


I knocked on her front door and her brother Mason came to the door, “Hey. What’s up, Brayden? Maci’s sick.” Then he saw the bag and smirked, “I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. Listen, just treat her right. Okay?”


I nodded my head, “Yes sir!”


“Good boy,” Mason smirked. “Now why are you here talking to me when you could be getting your girl?” He gestured to the hallway with a door at the end of it.


I chuckled and nodded rapidly, “Yeah what am I doing?” I questioned playfully.


I guess Mason to that offense, but not really just more in a jokingly type of way. “Hey!” He yelled.


I got to Maci’s door and knocked. I heard coughing and a sort of wheezy, hoarse voice just barely choke out, “Come in.” I opened the door and I guess she didn’t think it would be me, “Brayden! What are you doing here?” She shot up as a wet washcloth fell off her head.


I walked over to her and places her washcloth back on her head, “Lie down. I’m no expert, but I think you’ll get better soon if you do.” I chuckled and she smiled. “Well um, I came to ask if you would like to, maybe go to the fair with me?” I stuttered. I was so nervous.


She smiled really big, “I would love to.”


This time it was my turn to smile as I leaned in. She did to and we were lost in time as our lips touched. Then something happened, “Hey! I don’t hear talking!” We split apart and laughed at Mason through the door as he chuckled and walked away.


“What’s that?” She pointed to the bag.


I gave it to her, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” I smiled as did she.


“Thank you so much!” She smiled.


Well, even though I told the story this time; it just goes to show you that this was no regular Valentine’s Day. It was even better. What Maci can do her stories her way and I can add some if I want to.##[1]



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