My Life with a Vampire

My Life with a Vampire

By: Cody Davis, staff writer

Hello my name is Blake Robles and I’m your normal high school student well I used to be until I failed my exam to graduate and met someone. See this whole thing started when I moved to Japan in 2011. See after I moved to japan I started living  with my sister Karen who is 22 years old who moved here 2 years before I did. After I arrived my sister found a form that would enroll me in a High school I never heard of! But from that moment on I thought something weird is gonna happen to me. I woke up this morning with my sister leaning over my bed she had a uniform that I had to wear to school and a paper with a name on it.


She told me” Well here’s your uniform that they provide to all students and that the name of the high school you’re enrolled in is Youroka academy. Youroka huh well sounds fancy”. I replied discreetly she next told me” the Bus to pick you up comes at 8:45 so you’ll have enough time to do your daily routine! Well that’s a relief” I said. She told me my dorm number is 345 on the 10th floor of the dormitory.


As soon as it was 8:45 my sister rushed me out the door like she was happy to get rid of me! well as soon as I left the house the bus was there waiting. I boarded and then we left. On the way to the academy it was strange me and the bus driver were the only ones on board! The bus was as quiet as a graveyard. we headed into a tunnel then I said out loud “ I wonder what’ll be on the other side of the tunnel?


Then there was a voice “ Hey kid I’d watch your back if I were you. Why? Because on the other side of this tunnel could be a hell hole for freshmen like you. Well thanks for the heads up. No problem kid”.


As soon as we stopped I got out of the bus. The driver then said” Good luck you’ll need it”. The thing that freaked me out the most was the deep tone he used.The bus left but then I noticed the landscape is totally different here than it was before we entered the tunnel. The lands grass was red with tree skeleton’s with mossy like stuff hanging off the limbs.


I had walked more than ten minutes till it felt like something was following me. I looked around when I said” Is someone there? Woosh oh it was just a bat”. Till…BAM!  I was hit by something.”  Boom crash bang! Damn that hurt! what was that? It felt like a freight train. Huh!  I.. i..  it’s a GIRL!

My Life with a Vampire

Part 2

By: Cody Davis


Oh man is she okay I said to myself. Hey! Hey! Are you okay you look like you had a pretty hard fall. She didn’t respond to what I was saying she seemed to be unconscious from the fall. I quickly started to panic thinking that she could be seriously hurt. But then I heard a groan come from her silent face.


Oh well at least she’s breathing hopefully she will wake up soon. I sat there saying to myself what should I do if she can’t get up! As I turned my back to think I heard a slow shuffle as soon as I turned I found her looking at me. Well hello there sleepy head are you okay. She slowly responded “Ya I’m fine I should have been paying attention to where I was going. Oh no it was my fault for not looking before crossing the road’’.


Hey I almost forgot my name is Mocha Shiriowi. Well pleasure to meet you Mocha My name is Blake Robles. Well that’s a cute name. “At that simultaneous moment my heart started to race”. Oh you’re going to Youroka academy well so am I. Well that’s cool I replied.


Hey that smell. Oh I shouldn’t but it smell’s so good. What is it Mocha? I am a Vampire! Eh she’s gotta be joking. I thought. Maybe she’s the kind of girl that likes Vampire’s?


Well if you want to call yourself  a vampire more power to you. Oh yay I’m so glad that you’re okay with me being a vampire. Sure I couldn’t care less if you were a Vampire. But then she started to sniff me! Oh what are you doing. I said in a nervous voice.


Oh I’m so sorry it’s just that your blood it’s smell’s so good I just want to suck it. Oh great now what is she going to do? I’m sorry! What are you sayin.. ohhh!!!! The next thing I know she’s sinking her teeth into my neck!! OOOOWWWWW!!!!!!


I started darting around all over the place. What did you do that for! She stood there looking blankly at me like she likes the flavor of my blood. Heh it doesn’t very much and all she left was the imprint of her lipstick on my neck! What the so she is a real vampire I thought she was joking but she wasn’t.


Oh I’m so sorry I just couldn’t control myself it just that your blood it has that human smell to it and I couldn’t control myself it smelled so good. It’s okay it’s okay. Wait. WHAT! She can smell my human scent! oh crap this can’t be good. After that whole fiasco we headed off to the school with only one thing on my mind: if she’s a vampire then why is she so damn cute?? Blake Look at my Rosary this keeps my inner vampire in if it was to be removed then I would become my true vampire self. after I put my things down in my room I left the dormitory but before I could set a foot out the door there was Mocha waiting for me.


Come on let’s go! Go Wher- whoosh before I could finish what I was saying she had ahold of my hand and running to somewhere. When she stopped we were on the roof of the school and she was next to me. It’s a beautiful view isn’t it blake? Oh Oh ya it’s a great view.


You know blake I never told this to a single person before but I believe I can trust you see back when I lived in the human world nobody ever talked to me. Everywhere I went I was treated as an outcast and if That wasn’t it I was called names and treated like a monster. Ever since then I have hated humans but you I believe that I can trust you blake. She hates humans huh. I guess that since I’m one she hates me too.


Say Babe what are you doing talking to that loser when you should be hanging with me. I don’t like you Chad so go away I’m with blake so I don’t want to be with you what don’t you understand. Fine. But once  you realize your mistake I’ll be waiting for you. Hey blake I’m getting a little hungry but I’m sorry I just can’t resist it aaaawwww! huh Blake where did you go?


I left before she could bite me again I couldn’t stand it. How could this be so she’s a monster and her and him! Just then it felt like all of them were laughing at me I just kept running to the dorm till I barricaded myself in my room! I can’t stand it I can’t stay I got to leave before I get eaten or something!


I quickly packed up and got ready to leave. I just hope I can escape here before it’s too late. I know I’ll leave once it’s the passing period.



Rrhhiinngg!! Oh there’s the bell time to get out of this place. Luckily when it’s the passing period all the people on the school area are inside so they won’t see me leave. Hu Hu Hu there’s the school’s gate I’m almost there. Blake! Huh! oh no that  must be Mocha come looking for me since I left her on the roof.


Blake hey finally I found you what’s that you have in your hand. I stood still my heart was beating really fast I thought for sure she would bite me again! Blake What’s going on are you leaving? Yes I’m leaving I don’t belong here! No I won’t let you leave me! let me go Swip!


Oh no She has my bag! But we’re friends right? You said you hate humans well then you must hate me. I’M A HUMAN!!! No that can’t be no human could ever have gotten in here. But we’re friends. No I don’t need Monsters for friends anyway!


I could tell that hit her like a bowling ball. I started to run away from that monster school but I had a gut wrenching feeling. Was it because I actually liked Mocha? Blake! Blake Wait! Oh no why is she following me? Oh no blake must’ve gotten in trouble with a bully and is leaving because of it!


Hey Babe since that Blake kid is gone how about you start to date me huh? Hum sorry I have some business to attend to. You know what I’m sicken tired of all this lovey dovey croud if I can’t have you then he can’t either. Rip Tear Crash. Ha Ha Ha know that I’ve transformed into my true form let’s see yours. No, it’s against school rules! Then I’ll FORCE YOU!! AAAAAAHHHHH!


Oh no not that guy again! But if I go up there I could get squashed like a fly! I don’t care I’m going to go help Mocha! What’s the deal Babe just change into your monster form already! No it’s against school – sthwup! throo! bang! crash!


Uh another throw like that and I’m done for. Hey leave her alone. Why don’t your be quite small fry. I said leave her alone! I’ve had it with you trying to steal the girl I want. I’ll k*** You!! Bam! And at that moment she hit me right of a cliff wall. Uhu Blake. Hey where you going I’m not done with you!


Uh Oh this is where the bus stop is. Blake! Huh oh no Blake I’m so sorry I should have never of let you go. It’s okay Mocha it’s just that you’ll forgive me for being a jerk to you. Oh how nice I guess I can crush You two at the same time. Hu! Boom! Uh ha Blake you saved me. Just do a favor for me. Run and save your self uh. Cling. Uh ha My Rosary. Whiie!


What the heck is going on now. What the! Is that her true form. Uh Mocha so is that her true form.Ting Woosh. So all those things where bats on Mocha’s body. Wha. Silver hair. Red eye’s . No she can’t be. She’s an S class super monster!


It’s time I taught you your place Troll! I don’t care I’ll still strike you down vampire! Wham! I that time I say Mocha kick that guy’s face in and him into the water. Then Mocha in Vampire form started to walk towards me. I slowly got up. But there was a great pain.


I said holding up her Rosary Here I think this is yours but before I could get close enough to give it to her I passed out. Man what a pain you can be Blake I hope you stay so then I’ll have someone to feed off of. Uh what where am I? Oh Blake you’re awake. Mocha your back to yourself well that’s good. WHHHAAATTTT!! The bus only comes once a month!



Ya! You didn’t know?Oh no blake your bleed let me help you. At that moment Mocha pulled out a napkin and wiped the blood off but then something happened.She started to smell my blood on the napkin! Oh that smell it smells so good. Oh I’m sorry I just can’t help myself. Wait what are… Wait no don’t. Hu haaaa. AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

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