Two Hearts


 Two Hearts

By: Caitlyn Sandoval (Staff Writer)

Hello, my name is Kaili. That’s pronounced Ky-lie, but I don’t spell it that way. Anyways, I’m sixteen and a junior. I’m pretty popular, but don’t get me wrong I am very kind. A lot of guys like me, however I turn them down. I don’t really like anybody except for James and Jordan; they’re brothers. They probably don’t like me though, but that’s beside the point. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to it. It’s just a day where everybody goes “proposing” to the person they like and it’s just a pain. Good thing Lea and Marcus won’t leave me for their boyfriend or girlfriend because they don’t have one. Just like me; that’s okay though, we’re single pringles. Luckily for me, both James and Jordan are single. We talk a lot, James is senior and Jordan is a junior. They both are really cute and if it came down to choosing between them, I would have no clue who I’d pick. That is why I spend individual time with both of them. The problem with liking brothers though is that it gets a little competitive. Both James and Jordan don’t know that I like them both. That can become an issue in the future, but for now I’m winging it. What? Don’t judge me. Okay, I’m running short on ideas and time about what to do with them.

I walk into school to find Lea and Marcus hugging and holding hands. Wait, WHAT? Are they dating? This can’t be, they are suppose to be single with me!

“Kaili! Don’t be mad! I can already tell that you are upset about this, but don’t be mad! Please! We really like each other,” begged Lea.


“No-uh. NO I’m not mad, just a little confused. Since when did you guys like each other?” I wondered.

“Well we actually been dating for two months now, we kind of just kept it from you. I’m so sorry Kaili.”


“You guys are suppose to be my BEST friends and you have kept this huge secret from me? Why?”


“We thought you would hate us for it!” screamed Marcus.


“You know what, whatever!” I exclaimed.


I wasn’t that mad that they were dating, I just kind of envied them because I was still single. All of my frustration went away when I spotted Jordan by the vending machine.


“Uh-uh, hey Jordan.”


“Hey Kaili.”


Every time that we lay eyes on each other it’s always special to me, and when we talk to each other I can see that his cheeks turn rosy red.


“So, um wh-what are you doing here?” He slightly stuttered.


“It’s school. You didn’t think I was homeschooled now did you?” I said casually. This was great! I could actually talk to him without choking, but I’m not so sure it’s vice versa.

“No! No, I just um, well you don’t usually talk to me so I’m kind of surprised. You usually hang out with Lea and,” he let out what seemed to be a frustrated sigh, “Marcus. I always see you hugging him and stuff, so I thought you were, you know going out,” he said shyly. He also mumbled some other things under his breath that I couldn’t hear.


“Ew! No way could you make me go out with him! He’s just a friend. Lea and Marcus are going out anyway.”


He lifted his head and his handsome hazel eyes lit up, “Really! Um-uh, I mean oh wow really?” Haha, so I wasn’t the last to know.


“ Ha yeah, it was actually a surprise to me because I just found out; today actually.”


“Oh wow, that must of hurt, but I will see you around.”

“Yea okay, bye.”


I always loved talking to Jordan because he knew how to put a smile on my face, but James knows how to put a smile on my face too. Oh wow, speaking of James he’s right there. I’m going to go talk to him.


“Hey James”, gosh I can already feel my cheeks blushing.


“Hey Kaili.”


Oh good he’s blushing too, I’m not the only one.


“So, um Valentines Day is tomorrow, aren’t you excited?”, said James


“No-not really because I don’t have a valentine”, I sighed.


“Oh that’s okay me either.”


I was really expecting and kind of hoping that he was going to ask me to be his valentine, but he didn’t.


“Well I got to go”, said James


“Yea okay bye James.”


My heart was a little broken, but whatever I still have until tomorrow to hopefully get a date.

When I came home I was pretty upset, I only could hope that James or Jordan would ask me out, but I guess that I just had to wait til’ tomorrow.


Todays Valentines day and I’m pretty nervous. I hope someone asks me to be their Valentine. I have been dreading this day for a long time. Oh no, theres James and Jordan. Wait they both are carrying flowers. They both are approaching me too.


“Umm-hey guys.”


“Will you be my VALENTINE!”, they both shouted this at me with their beautiful smiles across their face.


“Uh-uh,” I stuttered. I was at a loss for words. They looked at each other angrily. “Ah. This is unexpected.”


They looked like they were going to kill each other. James took the first move and pushed Jordan, “You trying to steal her away from me, you good for nothing brother!”

“Hey!” I screamed, but they wouldn’t listen to me. They were in their own worlds.


“You’re calling me good for nothing? You aren’t even going to be here next year! You can’t protect her!” Jordan yelled back.


James was very angry. No, that was an understatement. He was extremely angry. James was just about to punch his own brother. His own blood related family member. His own sibling for a girl? No, that just wasn’t okay. I stood in between them and James face softened, “Stop! I am not in anyway possible flattered that you two fought over me! Sorry, but no. I will not be a person’s valentine when they are risking their relationship with someone more important than me!” I was furious, but calmed myself down, “Bye guys.” I walked off, and as I did I realized something. I didn’t need a valentine. I like being single. Although I did lose two of my friends, it didn’t matter. They were risking their relationships with each other for me, and I didn’t like it one bit. I had Lea and Marcus; who I hope will forgive me. However, I did feel a pang of sadness as I walked away from the brothers that had just almost betrayed each other with a small grin on my face; I had taught them a very valuable lesson.##



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