Secret Admirer

Secret Admirer

By: Jazmin Sierra, staff writer

       This story begins on February 13. My friends were bugging me about who was taking me to the Valentine Dance.To be honest I wasn’t a really big fan of dances, dates, or even Valentine’s Day for that matter, but I promised my best friend, Stephanie, I would go.

“Come on, you’ve got to have a crush on at least one boy,”said Stephanie.

“Nope. I’m telling you I’ve never liked a boy in my life,” I replied. Of course I’m lying. I like this boy named Bryan. He sits next to me in science and he is in all my periods. I don’t dare to tell her because I’m worried she would do something crazy like tell him.

“But if someone asked you out to the dance you would go”


“Not even if we set a double date with Ivan”

Ivan is Stephanie’s boyfriend. I find him annoying, but I deal with it for Stephanie’s sake.

“Maybe,”I reply.

“Great. Then it’s settled. You are going to the dance with Jeremy Lopez.”


The bell rings which means I’m off to fifth period. I collect my stuff from the table and get up. I watch Stephanie scurry off to class. I am going to kill her. A lot of girls would be happy their friend set them up, but with Jeremy it’s different. He has been obsessed with me since the second grade. He always follows me around school and sometimes I even catch him staring at me. He always has to sit next to and copy every move I make. Imagine that for five years. Even though we’re in seventh grade he still hasn’t matured. By the time I arrive to my class there is Jeremy staring at the door for my arrival.

“Hey, Vanessa,” says Jeremy as I take my seat next to him, “ Aren’t you excited for the dance”

“ More than ever,” I murmur to my warm-up.

I hate english class. I have all A’s except for this class. I swear Ms. Belle hates me. I especially don’t like this class because Jeremy takes every chance to show off and impress me. The only thing I get out of this class are the correct answers I copy of  Jeremy’s tests.

Today actually went well. Jeremy was quiet the whole period, that is until the bell rung.

“Hey Vanessa, I was thinking and maybe after the dance… if everything goes well….,” starts Jeremy.

I cut Jeremy off, “I’m sorry. I have to get to class. Just tell me tomorrow.”

Sixth period seems to fly by. When the bell rings to go home. Ir un to Stephanie’s  locker but she’s not there. I assume she decided to go home right away to avoid me.

When my mom picks me up she asks about my day and I reply like I always do.


I crank up the radio. When we get home I go upstairs and check my email. Of course, I see one from Stephanie. I click it and begin to read as my annoying little brother storms into the room.

“Christopher, I told you to stay out of my room!”

“My action figures are gone and I know you took them!”

“I did not! Mom put them in the garage. She said you’re too old for them”

“I’m only seven”


He storms out of my room and I continue to read the email.

Sorry I set you up on a date with Jeremy. I just didn’t want to see be alone at the dance. Plus, it is not my fault you didn’t tell you like Bryan.  You know I always figure it out.

OMG! How did she figure it out? I immediately pick up the phone and dial her number..She picks up the phone on the second ring.

“Hello Vanessa,” says Stephanie.

“How did you find out?!”

“I found the sheet with both of your names in a heart,” she says giggling.

“It’s not funny! Please, tell me you didn’t do anything crazy like tell him”

“How dare you think I would do such a thing,” she replies with laughter.

“ Oh, thank god”

“Why didn’t you tell me,” she says more seriously.

“I was scared you would tease me or tell him I like him”

“You know I would never tease you or do anything without your permission”


“You’ve got a point. Look I’ve got to go but see you at school tomorrow. Okay?”

“Okay. Bye”


I hang up the phone and get started on my homework. After dinner I go to bed and wait for tomorrow where I hope everything doesn’t explode in my face.

I got to school and I just got to my locker when someone startles me.

“Hey Vanessa,” says Bryan.

“Oh, hey Bryan,” I reply hoping he doesn’t see me blushing.

“I was wondering if you….uh… already picked a partner for the science project yet”

“Actually I haven’t. Why?”

“ I was thinking you  might want to pair up with me”

“Yeah. Sure”

“Alright. Bye”


As I open my locker a note slips onto the floor. When I pick it up I realize the title. From Your Secret Admirer.  At first I think someone must have put it in the wrong locker until I see who it’s addressed to. Vanessa  Rodger.  I open the envelope and read the note.

Dear Vanessa,

We barely talk to each other but I can tell you’re an amazing girl . Your smart, funny, and  nice. I’ve never met someone like you. I’ve tried to ask you out many times but I always mess up when I look into your shiny green eyes and your silky brown hair.  I hope to see  second period.

From your Secret Admirer.

To be honest I’m not surprised. I know it’s Jeremy. Yes, we don’t talk to each other very much and now that I think about it I think he tried to ask me out yesterday during fifth period.

“Hey Vanessa. Where were you? And what’s that,” Stephanie says as she points to the note.

I give to her without hesitating. When she’s done reading she smiles.

“What,” I say in confusion.

“You have a secret admirer!”

“It’s not a secret. I know it’s Jeremy”

“How do you know it’s not Bryan. You guys don’t talk much and he seems to stumble upon words when he is around you”

It’s true. I think about our conversation we had a few minutes ago.“I was wondering if you….uh… already picked a partner for the science project yet”. He did seem as if he changed his mind about saying something, but what? I shake it out of my head.

“Impossible. I guess we better get to class.”

At the end of the sixth period I go to my locker. As I open my locker another note slips to the floor. I brace myself for what I might read and open the letter.

Dear Vanessa,

I really messed up today but I know how to fix. Tonight at the dance meet me at  the middle of the dance floor at eight -o- clock sharp. Spend the rest of the night and at thirty minutes to midnight I will give the final letter and you will answer it honestly. Please come.

From Your Secret Admirer

“Hey Vanessa. Are you ready to…” Stephanie stops herself short as she sees the letter. She walks over and grabs the note. She reads it and starts jumping up and down”

“I told you it wasn’t Jeremy” she says cheery.

“How does this letter prove it wasn’t him?”

“Because he wouldn’t ask you to meet him if you were already at the dance with him”

I think about this for a moment but I just can’t see Bryan writing these letters.

“You are definitely going, right?” she asks.

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean.”

“I don’t know, alright. I’ll think about it. Lets go we need to get ready for the dance.”

Stephanie comes home with me to get ready. We are completely quiet on the way to my house. When we enter my room  she explodes.

“I can’t believe you’re not sure if you want to meet the guy. If I was you I would without hesitating.”

“Maybe I’m just not ready for this gushy stuff.”

“Trust me you are. Now where is your dress?”

As she helps me into my dress she still tries to convince me to meet my secret admirer.

Christopher bursts into my room again.

“Christopher get out!”

“Why do you keep yelling? I could barely hear Captain America destroying the evil villain.”

“Oh, hey little dude,” says Stephanie.

“Ill. You look like a girly girl,” he says pointing at me.

“Cause I am one. Now get out,” I reply.

“Fine,” he says slamming the door.

The rest of prepping time is a disaster. We are saved when Ivan shows up to take us to the dance.

“Where is Jeremy?”

“You’re meeting him at the dance,” replies Stephanie.

When we arrive at the dance I’m surprised.The dance looks like lots of fun but all I am is bored. All Jeremy wants to do is about school while Stephanie and Ivan are dancing and having fun. It’s almost eight and I decide to meet my secret admirer after all. I tell Jeremy I’m going to the bathroom and head off to the middle of the dance floor. It’s eight and I start to look around when I bump into Bryan. I know I’m blushing when Bryan Starts laughing.

“Hey,” I choke out.

“Hey,” Bryan replies.

“So, you’re my secret admirer?”

“Are you suprised?”


“Is that a good thing?”


Bryan laughs. I know I’m messing this up quickly so I say something.

“Since when did these feelings begin?”

“Fourth grade”

“Seems small compared to how long I’ve liked you”

“Oh really. How long have you liked me?”

“Since kindergarten” I say with a giggle.

“Want to go outside and talk some more?”


We have a great time. We talk and learn so much about each other we haven’t known before. We even dance. It’s eleven thirty and I ask him about the final letter.

“Right. So, here it is,” he says handing me the letter.

When I open it I’m surprised. I’s just a simple question.

Dear Vanessa,

Will you be my girlfriend?

_Yes  _No

From Bryan

Bryan hands me a pencil and I look into his handsome brown eyes. I instantly know my answer. I mark Yes without a doubt. I hand him the letter back and he smiles. He looks into my eyes when a voice speaks behind me.


I turn around and see Jeremy with a confused face.

“Jeremy, what are you doing here?’

“Looking for you. Like I’ve been for three hours.”

‘Excuse me, Bryan.”

I lead Jeremy inside ready to explain when he speaks up.

“Look you don’t have to explain what happened. Stephanie told me everything but you could’ve just told me.”

“I know and I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Get back out there.”

I head back to Bryan and explain everything but he seems to take everything well reinforcing the idea that I’ve made a great choice. I head back home, change into pajamas, and go to bed. I relive the night over and over in my dreams knowing I’ll never forget this night.


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