Kindle Fire Review

The Kindle Fire Review

By: Jessica Santiago, Staff Writer


The Kindle Fire HD is a cool tablet developed by Amazon. The Kindle Fire is 8.9”  and weighs 14.6 OZ , it can easily fit in the palm of your hand. The audio is great with dual stereo speakers, it stores up to 16 gigabytes . It has a front facing camera that allows skype that takes pictures and videos. The Kindle is sold online at Amazon it is priced for $200. in theUS. It allows Wi-Fi connectivity and has an android software. The Kindle Fire has many competitors such as the Nook from Barnes & Noble, the Ipad from Apple, and the Nexus from Google. Like the Ipad a bigger screen is liked more for movies, books, and magazines.


Even though some may say their kindle can leave you squinting because of the text size the screen has stunning graphics.Their appstore does not have such a large variety of games. These things are not very hard to fix. Some reports say that the Kindle heats up every now and then which only happens in the first generation. In conclusion the Kindle Fire has a few downs, but there are other generations too. Who knows maybe the Kindle Fire is the one for you get it online today!

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