Student of the Month Period 4

Student of the Month Assembly for Period 4

by Hana Lee and Katherine Vu, Staff Writers

            Magruder Middle School’s Student of the Month was held out on the quad on February 22nd, 2013. We would like to congratulate the hard working individuals who were presented this award. They worked extremely hard and really deserve it.

The awardees are:

Sequoia Henderson- Mrs. Aulenta

Noelia Gonzalez- Mrs. Aulenta

Armando Vega- Mrs. Mann

Kyle Warfield- Mrs. Occiano-Capio

Madison Mejia- Mrs. Jaeger

Ramzy Issa- Mrs. Jaeger

Kendrick Tamakloe- Mrs. Jaeger

Bailey Romano- Mrs. Jaeger

Ceciliah Martinez- Mrs. Le

Katelyn Crandall- Mrs. Le

Kaitlyn Golembioski- Mr. Rasmussen

Madalene Tran- Mr. Rasmussen

Michelle Ngo- Mr. Burgner

Khoa Do- Mr. Burgner

Ali Ahmad- Ms. Loftin

Rajah Isles-Bowers- Ms. Loftin

Kyndra Marzorini- Ms. Loftin

Daniela Hua- Ms. Loftin

Patrick Nolan- Mrs. Davies

Safia Khan- Mrs. Davies

Karen Bailey- Ms. Ji

Alyse Pelayo- Ms. Ji

Bryce Martinez- Mrs. Schwafaty

Rebecca Steelman- Ms. Ingram

Kimberly Perez-  Ms. Ingram

Savianna Gomez- Mrs. EisenschimlMichael Estrada- Mrs. Beverly/ Mrs. Dalbey

Tristan Rios- Mrs. Beverly/ Mrs. Dalbey

Brianna Williams- Mrs. Beverly/ Mrs. Dalbey

Destiny Gallegos- Mrs. Beverly/ Mrs. Dalbey

Katherine Vu- Mrs. Peterson

Jenny Pham- Mrs. Peterson

Phoebe Kim- Mrs. Peterson

Danson Ma- Mrs. Smith

Kennedy Geesey- Mrs. Smith

Maritza Hurtado- Mrs. Takano & Mrs. Yung

Jackson Perry- Mrs. Takano & Mrs. Yung

Shendey Mae Casas- Mrs. Johnson

Asder Jang- Mrs. Johnson

Aviana Manson- Mrs. Johnson

Ricky Donis- Mrs. Ramos

Zunera Islam- Mrs. Ramos

Rhea Patteri- Mrs. Fraga

Gabryella Waas- Mrs. Fraga

Daniel Kiroloss- Mrs. Fraga

Joao Arboleda- Mr. Porush

Cheridan Mataalii- Mr. Porush

Lenore DeNeui- Ms. Borowski

Babra Noor- Ms. Borowski

Melody Garcia- Ms. Borowski

Theo Markellos- Mr. Roulette


Good job to those Mustangs, and who knows? Maybe you can get an award next month, too! There are only two more periods left so everyone work as hard as you can! Who knows? You might receive one.


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