College Week

College Week at Magruder

By: Jazmin Sierra and Jessica Santiago, staff writers

     Lunchtime during college week was amazing! College athletes were playing basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball with some of our best athletes.   College Week was held March 19th through the 22nd, hosted by Mrs. Barker’s College and Career   Club.

Each day of College Week started with playing a different college fight song, and if you guessed it right you got a ticket. You also could have won a ticket by wearing college gear, answering questions about college in 4th period, or by participating in our lunchtime activities. Tickets were chosen in a raffle for prizes at the end of the week.

On Monday the College and Career Club held the Skittle Race, a fast pace obstacle course where the team that has the most skittles in the cup wins! Then on Tuesday teams green, red, yellow, and blue competed in the Balloon Stomp. The red team ended up winning in the competition.





College athletes from Cal State Dominguez Hills and El Camino showed up at lunch, Monday through Friday to play soccer, basketball, volleyball, football, and run track with Magruder students.  On Friday, the El Camino football players came to play football with the students and they were a favorite among the guys.

At the end of the week a pledge banner was put up for all of us to write that we pledge to go to college. What a great week!






















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