Honorary Service Awards Dinner

HSA Dinner Awards

Staff Writer: Phoebe Kim

         Our proud Magruder Middle School held the annual Honorary Service Awards on February 26, on a Tuesday evening. The staff that won some special awards came to the dinner. The winners of the 6th grade spelling bee, geography bee, and the reflections art contest joined us, too. Magruder prepared a dinner for the people invited and gave the rewards to our chosen Mustangs. The theme this year was “Hats Off to our Magruder Volunteers.” This amazing event was led by Enola Moske, and we thank her for this wonderful dinner and award show.

     We ate delicious pasta and salad catered by “Lomeli’s Italian Restaurant.” Service club led by Ms.Smith helped serve lemonade and cookies. After some people were finishing up their food, Hana Lee and Maxwell Arnold performed the national anthem for us on the violin. Ms.Bailey then went through a PTSA meeting and had new motions to help our school to be moved.

After the meeting, Ms.Borowski presented the Geo bee finalists and winners. The finalists were: Jenny Pham(7th gr.), Hana Lee(7th gr.), Esteban Alvarado(8th gr.), Catherine Phu(7th gr.), Ryan Cho(7th gr.), and Malik Branche(8th gr.). First place winner was Daniel Kiroloss(8th gr.), second place was Alyse Pelayo(8th gr.), and third place was Derek Mangiaterra (6th gr.)

Ms.Jaegar came up after and gave medals and a trophy to the sixth grade spelling bee to the final 7 and the winner. The finalists were: Kendrick Tamakloe, Maritza Hurtado, Jordan Jones, Jacob Wong, Preston Cao, and Asia Price. The winner of the spelling bee was Kaileah Braga. She represented our school in the district bee!

Later on, Ms.Sheldon went up to the podium and called up the reflections art contest. The excellence awards went to: Phoebe Kim, Matthew Sheldon, and Alicia Valle. They all got a $10 gift card to Carl’s Jr and Burger King. The honorable mentions went to: Karen Bailey and Matthew Sheldon.

After all the awards were given out to the students, Ms.Jaegar led a skit by surprise students. She got random students that volunteered to read an acrostic poem that volunteered at the last minute. They all wore a hat and held a sign that spelled “VOLUNTEER” altogether.

Finally, the deserving staff got their awards. Ms.Judi said a wonderful speech and presented the Very Special Person Awards to Ms.Johnson, our beloved 8th grade math teacher. They switched places and Ms.Johnson presented the Very Special Person Award to Ms.Judi, our devoted secretary. Ms.Bailey came up and presented the Very Special Person Award to Mr.Rasmussen, our amazing 7th and 6th grade math intervention teacher. It was great to see these great staff get the awards they should’ve gotten many years ago. Then, the Honorary Service Award to Ms.Fisher, our hardworking librarian. Last but not least, Ms.Bailey got the Golden Oak Service Award, given to her by her best friend, Brandi Fry.

The highlight of the dinner was when Ms.Bailey’s two daughters, Karen and Sarah Bailey got up on stage and sang songs. The songs were: “Put on a Happy Face”, sung by Karen, “Think of Me”, sung by Sarah Bailey, and “What is this Feeling” sung by both siblings. Ms.Bailey was in tears, and we were all touched. They have great talent, and they even wore matching outfits!

It was a successful dinner, and I’m sure everyone enjoyed it. Thanks to all the people that made this event happen, which include: Enola Moske, Ms.Jaegar’s sixth period class, The service club students, and the HSA commitee members. It was amazing this year, we look forward for the HSA dinner awards to come!

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