Exxon Mobil Field Trip – Girls in Engineering

Exxon Mobil Field Trip – “Girls In Engineering”

By:Cody Davis, staff writer

On March 27th, forty of our Magruder eighth grade girls went on a field trip to Exxon Mobil and what they had to say was surprising. “It was the most fun that I have had on a field trip!” said Cheridan. The girls that went on the field trip were high performing students that were interested in engineering. An interesting fact the girls were told is that only 10% of engineers are women.  So the purpose of the field trip was to encourage girls to become interested in this exciting and profitable field of work.

The students left at 9:00 am and didn’t return until to 2:00 pm.  Not only were Magruder students there, but Casimir and Bert Lynn students attended as well. The place that they went to was the gym. The students made motors, catapults, and got to try on the different suits that they have there.


I asked one of the girls if she would want to work there in the future and she said “Definitely!” They were able to see what they make at the refinery.  They had to take a bus to get there and what I heard, it sounded fun. They were given jelly beans and test tubes and they were allowed to make ice cream. The girls also had lunch there and had what sounded like really great food.

One girl said “We had a presentation before we got started and were told how to escape if there was an explosion. The girls were allowed to try on gas masks. But the one thing that the girls loved about the field trip was “The bathrooms!” They said the sinks were like waterfalls, they had a T.V. in the bathroom, and the floor was carpeted.


The girls that went on the field trip wanted to tell the next year eighth grade students one thing: DON’T FORGET YOUR PERMISSION SLIP AND GET GOOD GRADES IN SCIENCE. So remember get good grades and you’ll be able to go and have a very fun time.

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