Show Your Support During Spirit Week!

Spirit Week!

By: Alejandra Garcia, staff writer

       Spirit Week is this week,  April 1st to the 5th. If you are new to Magruder, you should know that spirit week is a whole week of dressing up in different things just to have a good time with your friends. You are not forced to participate, but if you do it is a lot of fun.

We start off with Monday the first, the theme will be PJ’s. That theme is a great idea because you can just wake up and go straight to school! You don’t have to worry about picking out an outfit or anything.

Tuesday the second will be a tropical sort of theme. That will consist of floral type shirts, shorts, sunglasses, and sandals. (Please be aware that if you do bring sandals, bring shoes for PE because you will not be excused.) For Tuesday girls can put pretty flower accessories in your hair, or guys can wear Hawaiian shirts. It can be anything that looks tropical to you.

Wednesday will be the day of the nerds! Use suspenders, glasses, any type of white shirt and be sure to tuck it in your pants for that nerdy affect.

Thursday will be a sports filled day. That’s the day to represent your favorite sports team. You can wear anything with a sports team on it.

Friday will be the blast from the past. You can dress up as anything from the past. Anything from the 80’s ,70’s, 60’s and so on. You can dress up as your favorite celebrity from back then. Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, the choices are endless.

Spirit Week will be absolutely fun! Just know that even though you get to dress up, you still come to school to learn and the clothes you pick for each day have to be appropriate.  So, get ready for Spirit Week!

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