Mr. Roulette, Assistant Principal

Interview with Mr. Roulette

By: Tony Chong and Aaron McGuire, staff writers

Most of us all know who Mr. Mark Roulette is by now. For those of you who don’t know him, you should get to know him. Mr. Roulette is our hard working Assistant Principal and he has a very interesting past.

He has been married for 21 years and has one 11 year old son.  As a boy he had considered becoming a pilot and being a musician. His favorite subjects in middle and high school were music and math.  He eventually would use math in two of his occupations.

Roulette’s previous job before becoming an educator was being a cost-estimator in the engineering department of an aerospace company that designed and built B-1 bombers and the space shuttle.

Roulette started to work as a teacher in the 1995-1996 school year. He worked as a high school math teacher successfully for 16 years. He taught the AP Calculus class at West High before transferring to Magruder as the Math coach, and many parents at West were sad to lose him as a teacher. He had a reputation as being an excellent math teacher.

Mr. Roulette came to Magruder as a Math coach, but when Mr.Sheck asked Roulette to become the Assistant Principal, he was so flattered, he couldn’t turn down the offer. This is his first job as a school administrator. This year he is Magruder’s Assistant Principal and teaches Algebra.

He told us that he believes that his professional goals are similar to Mr. Sheck’s goals because he wants to make Magruder the best school it can be. He said “I believe Mr. Sheck and I share many of the same professional goals, especially  those of making Magruder the best school it can be, and helping all students become people of sound character and inquisitive minds, ready to face the challenges of high school and life.”

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