Mrs. Vasquez, New Cafeteria Manager

Mrs. Vasquez, New Cafeteria Manager!

By: Megan Born and Alejandra Garcia,

Staff Editors

Have you met Mary-Lou Vasquez? Shes the new cafeteria manager here at Magruder! She was born on September 27. She is married and has 4 kids. All boys! And guess what! They all graduated for Magruder not too long ago! Her first job was at a retail store, but she started working at schools in October of 1996. She loves working at Magruder this year. Before here, she worked at Casimir. Her favorite color is purple. She loves dolphins. Her favorite food is salad. She likes to bike ride and garden in her free time. She’s really nice and fun to talk to and the kids absolutely love the changes in the menu. So next time you see her around campus, make sure to say ‘hi’!


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