Let’s Clean Up Our Act

What’s Happening to Our Campus?

By: Katherine Vu and Jenny Pham, staff writers


Recently, our campus has been a sight to see, but not necessarily in a good way. Chip bags, soda cans, paper, and other bits of trash are littered all over the campus. Everybody is just treating Magruder like a dumpster. It’s as if students have just stopped caring about the campus. If you like this school,  you have to show it some respect. We need to keep our campus clean to show that we care!

Have you ever taken a look around the school? Magruder is completely filthy. Nowadays, it’s not hard to find a piece of trash on the ground. You could find scraps of paper everywhere: in the grass, on the ground, even in the bathrooms, whose walls are plastered with mud and paper towels. The locker bays are littered with food wrappers and old homework assignments. Even classrooms have dirt, papers, pens, and pencils scattered across the floors. The grass, ground, classrooms, and the cafeteria, all littered with paper, gum, snack wrappers, abandoned pencils, and more.

Students are losing all respect for the campus and that needs to change. We just had a huge reconstruction that cost millions of dollars to make our campus beautiful, and now that it’s done, we’re just ruining it again with trash. We may have janitors, but they can’t handle the mess that we’ve given them. There’s just way too much. We are the students of Magruder, and it’s our job to keep the campus clean, especially since it’s mostly our fault that it even got to be this bad.

We can keep our campus clean just by doing simple things, like picking up trash when we see it. However, the ultimate solution to our problem would be to just not litter in the first place! There are dozens of recycling bins and trash cans all over campus, in classrooms, locker bays, and on the blacktop. Throwing away our trash and recycling would really help keep our campus clean and show everyone how much we care about our school.

If we don’t solve our problem now, it could get out of hand. We don’t want other people and schools to think that Magruder is a bad school where the students don’t care about the campus and litter all the time. Eating food outside of the cafeteria has also added to our problem. Students are leaving their food wrappers all over the place and are also leaving crumbs and bits of their food everywhere.

Magruder is an amazing school, with great students. So we should step it up a little bit. Show everyone that we care about our campus and that we can take responsibility! It’s not hard. Just pick up trash and recycle bottles and papers whenever you can. Remember, small acts can make a big difference. Picking up a piece of trash doesn’t just help the school, but it also helps how others will look at us.

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