Adventures in Art

Adventures in Art with Mrs. Sukal

By: Alex and Nicholas Maculam, staff writers

What a cold, windy day for Adventures in Art!  Better to be indoors today doing something fun! On Wednesday, February 20th,  Ms.Nunes’ P.E classes had Adventures in Art.  Everyone filed into the cafeteria, hoping to have a nice break from the routine, and looking forward to expressing creativity with docents Mrs. Sukal and Mrs.Spellman, the PTSA volunteers.

Mrs. Sukal patiently waited for everyone to calm down so she could instruct.  You could tell she loves art and loves teaching about art.  She has generously given her time and effort in leading Adventures in Art for a number of years, and this will be her last year donating her time.  Many students know her and appreciate what she has done for the students in teaching art.

After Mrs. Sukal gave directions on what the project was about, how to use the tools, and what steps to take, students got busy with the project.  This was just one of the five projects she teaches during the school year.

The art project was scratch art.  Scratch art is a unique art form using scratch-board. Scratch-board is a wooden panel coated with a layer of white clay and then sprayed with a layer of black India ink, but in this project we just used a white piece of paper that has a black coating of some material and under was a white paper. Once you scraped the black piece of paper with a scraping tool of your choice then it simply scrapes off leaving a white printing.

Everyone enjoys Adventures in Art, but we need a new volunteer for next year.  Most of the volunteers have been volunteering for awhile now and plans to do something else next year.  These art docent volunteers show us that anyone can do art projects. If your parents can  make art at home then they could be an Adventures in Art volunteer.

Students seemed to really enjoy peacefully creating their artwork, and talking with their friends, on this cold and windy day.  If you want to have this program next year, ask your parent if they might be willing to help.  We’re all hoping for another great adventure in art at Magruder Middle School.

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