Cracking Eggs

Cracking Eggs

by Hana Lee, staff writer

            I couldn’t wait for my family’s annual easter egg hunt! It was odd though, since this year it wasn’t in April, it was on March 31st.There would always be a golden egg, and if you are the lucky person to find it, then you get the grand prize! It’s always so fun laughing hard, and its for our entertainment so that we aren’t bored on Easter, but I’m the only one in the family that has never found it. My brothers, sisters, and cousins make fun of me every year. They wag their little fingers in front of my face, and I’m excluded from their “gang.” I’m determined this year to find it, though. That is going to be my first priority, along with the eggs I find along the way.

“Okay kids. Ready to search?”


“Ok, Ready, Set, GO!

All of the kids in my family rushed out of their spots and searched like maniacs. I rushed to the spot where the most eggs were placed, and started looking. The golden egg wasn’t there, so I went to the spot on the large field of grass which no one set foot on. While everyone else was looking in the wrong places, the egg was there. So real, so genuine that I almost cried. I grabbed it, and rushed back to the starting line. At the same time, Ruby rushed there, too. We were eye to eye, and I ran even faster. I felt like a pro racer, but the both of us got there at the same time.

“Alice, I was here first, and I have the golden egg.”

“No, I have it!” I yelled back.

“No, I have it!”

We were bickering like two birds fighting over a piece of food. When she took hers out, sure enough, she had one, too. I couldn’t believe my eyes, until I saw some of the golden paint being scratched off. A hint of purple showed, and I snickered.


A shrill cry rang across the field. When we both looked, it was Aunt Gracie.

“I put one decoy, and one real. Looking from here, Alice got the real one.”

I stuck my tongue out, and Ruby stormed off. That was the happiest moment of my life, until I found out what the prize is. This year, it was anything I wanted. It was hard to decide there, so I told my aunts and uncles I’ll call them when I find out.

I finally knew what I wanted, a Windows tablet or an IPad. While I was thinking about it, I opened the egg. A glowing light shone into my eyes, and seemed to glow brighter and brighter every few seconds. An easter bunny jumped out, and I freaked out.

“What are you d-d-doing here? What are you?”

“I’m your genie, but as an easter bunny. You have three wishes, use it wisely.”

“But what if I need it at a certain time?”

“Here, wear this.”

He handed me a necklace with a turquoise pendant in the middle. It was so pretty, I was compelled to touch it, but the bunny screamed.



“Once, you touch the stone, you HAVE to make a wish.”

“Have to?

The bunny nodded, and I could tell he was serious. I put on the necklace, but then he disappeared.

“Yoohoo… Mr. Bunnyman. Are you there?”

I frantically looked everywhere, and gave up. It was time for dinner, so I headed down.

“What’s for dinner?”

“Um…Alice…where did you get that necklace?” Heather asked me.

“Oh ummm…a friend gave it to me.”

I sheepishly smiled. We ate our dinners with laughter. My meal was a delicious plate of spaghetti with some meatballs to go with it. For dessert was a chocolate cheesecake from Brenda’s Bakery. even though I was enjoying my meal, something kept nagging me in my head. ‘Make a wish. Make a wish,’ it whispered. I reached for my necklace, but I didn’t want to waste my wishes. ‘I wonder if I can wish for unlimited wishes?’ I thought to myself. If I could, I would do it, but I need to ask the bunny.

“Alice, aren’t you going to finish your cheesecake? It’s your favorite.”


I looked down and all I’ve eaten is one-fourth of it.

“Oh. I’ll eat it.”

I gulped down the cake to hurry and find Mr. Bunnyman. The only place that I haven’t looked was the egg. It hit me like an airplane, and I felt so stupid. I rushed up to my room, and cracked open the egg. The same procedure happened, with the glowing light and brightness.

“Can I make unlimited wishes?”


“Ok then. I wish I got unlimited wishes.”

Mr. Bunnyman snapped his fingers and said, “Done.” It jumped back in its egg and it shut closed by itself. As I went to bed, I thought of the things I wanted. The ultimate wardrobe, good hair, pretty face, all the things that made my dream world. Because of this, I couldn’t sleep. I was so happy, I just wanted to make all the wishes at the same time. I reached for my pendant, and it started to glow once I touched it. It lit up my room like a night sky.

“I wish I could have beauty, and the best and most expensive wardrobe.”

There was a swirling motion, and everything seemed different. I looked in the mirror, and I was different. My face was actually…pretty. I wonder what was in my closet tomorrow morning since it’s 11:00.

I woke up the next morning, so excited to see what I will find. I closed my eyes, and opened the closet door. There were rows and rows of designer clothes, purses, and shoes for the complete package. Once the most popular girl at my school, Jane, saw me, she would drop dead. Just because she was rich and pretty, every boy and girl would be head over heels to be her friend. She always rejected them though, and only hung out with snobby girls, which my friends and I hate.

As I walked up the steps in the front of the school, my best friend, Bethany, surprised me by sneaking up to me. She saw me and looked at me in shock. “What happened to you? You look, popular.” She gasped and put on an angry face.

“Did you join…THEM!?”

“No, I just got some new clothes and makeup.”

“Why didn’t you get me some?”

“Umm….” I looked away, and I could tell she knew I was hiding something. We walked through the halls in silence, when we would usually talk.

“Hey, you mad at me Bethany?”

“Well, I don’t know. I’ll… see you later.”

She gave a weak smile, and left to her first period. I automatically knew I couldn’t tell her, so I had another wish. “I wish for all my friends to be nice to me.” The pendant glowed and a bright light paralyzed me for a few seconds. Then it stopped and I rushed off to class. I couldn’t focus during the lessons and I kept getting in trouble for staring off into space. When the bell rang, I stumbled out of the class and rushed to find Bethany. Suddenly, the popular girls questioned everything about me.

“OMG! Where did you get your shoes!” “I want your bag!” “Cute clothes! I wish I can wear them.” They kept attacking me and I saw Bethany in the corner, forming an angry face. Jane was right next to her, with a shocked face. I didn’t know what to do. If I talked to the popular girls, then Bethany would hate me forever, but if I hung with Bethany, then the popular girls will dislike me. As I wondered this, I remembered the wish I made earlier. It was odd, I thought Bethany was going to be nice to me. After school, I rushed home, but then it struck me. What if Bethany wasn’t an actual friend? I decided to accept this idea and ignore her.

As I pulled the covers over me, a phone call came. I got up out of bed and looked. It was Bethany, so I just ended the call. The phone kept ringing afterwards though. I answered in a nice tone, “I need to get to sleep, so can you please stop calling me?” I thought I heard crying at the end of the line.

“I just wanted to say…You’re not my friend anymore!”

I was so shocked that I hung up. It felt like I did the right thing, but at the same time, she didn’t want to be my friend anymore. I wished while holding my pendant, “I wish Bethany never was my friend from when I met her!” The pendant glowed, and I felt so much pain. When it ended, I gasped for air. I wheezed and I checked my phone. Bethany was never on my contact list, and the pictures of me and her were gone. It was replaced by me and Jane surprisingly. The world felt great to me, but I was kind of weirded out. I went to bed, wondering what will happen to me.

I got up and headed to school after I washed up. When I walked up the stairs of the school, I saw Bethany. She snickered, and the popular girls just pushed me out of the way, talking with Bethany. I was surprised that she was a popular now. Jane ran up to me, and actually said, “Hi.”

“I thought you hated me.”

“Hated you?” Jane bursted into giggles. “I never hated you silly! What are you talking about?”

I also bursted into a fit of giggles, since Jane’s laughter made me all tingly and warm inside. We walked through the halls, like we were best friends forever. This made me think of Bethany, and my happy face automatically disappeared.

“What’s wrong? Don’t be sad that I’m switching schools. It’s not my fault my dad got a job transfer.” She hugged me, and I smiled and hugged her back.

“I gotta go to class. I’ll see you later!” Jane went off to first period as I stood there. It felt like someone was behind me, but I didn’t want to look.

“Well, well. I guess you will be losing one of her best friends,” Bethany said. I turned around, and she had a mocking frown on her face.

“At least I have better friends than you do!” I retorted back. All the kids around us said “Ooo…” and Bethany’s face got red as a tomato.

“This isn’t over Krendel. I’ll get you someday,” she said, squinting at me as she and her “crew” went away. I sighed because I now had an archenemy that was my best friend. It seemed so unreal, but it was. I couldn’t pay attention in during my classes, since the whole Bethany issue was on my mind. When the bell rang, regardless of the noise, I headed to the cafeteria. As I picked up my food, I walked to an empty table. I wasn’t looking and Bethany stuck her foot out, and I tripped. My whole meal of pasta and some of my soda flew into the air. Someone’s voice screamed, “NOOOO…,” and realized it was mine. I tried to get back up, but fell down again in the mess of my meal. Tears came out of my eyes, and when my vision cleared, I saw Bethany’s phone make a clicking sound. This trip of mine was now on video.

“Had a nice trip yet Alice? Because I think you did.” The whole cafeteria cracked up, and I knew my life was over. I heard Jane’s voice yell my name, but I ignored it and just kept running and running, never daring to look back. The only place I could hide myself was the janitor’s closet. I flung opened the door and closed it as fast as I can. I knew I had to wish for it to be Easter again, and I try to not find the golden easter egg. My eyes closed, and I reached for the pendant.

“I wish I could go back to the Easter egg hunt and not find the golden egg!” The pendant started glowing, and I blacked out.



I woke up in the next to the patch of grass where I would find the golden egg. I left it there, not wanting to grab it. A shrill whistle blew, and we all headed to the adults.

“Congratulations Ruby for finding the golden egg!”

All my cousins cheered and they stuck their tongues at me. I really didn’t care, so I headed into the house to get my stuff. When I looked at the calendar, I saw that the next day was April Fool’s. I felt so dumb for realizing that Bethany was just kidding and was going to say April Fool’s right after. At least I still had a best friend, or did I? As I dialed her number, I smiled and was grateful that everything was back to the way it was.

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