What To Do Now….

What To Do Now…

By: Phoebe Kim, staff writer

            What to do now? I already did all the pranks I can think of, but I know Dana will think of something big soon.

You see, Dana and I have been pranking each other since Valentine’s Day. It was stupid ones at first, like pulling the chair out before they sit on it, or to put a whoopee cushion on someone’s chair. It got more serious, with some actually planning involved. Now, I’m paranoid about everything I do and can’t take two steps without checking for safety. Did we take this too far? Eh, not yet. Now, April Fool’s is coming up, and that’s when we’ll final our truce. Until then, we are going to prank each other until.. Well, I’m not so sure.

I was on my computer, and looking for good pranks to do. We were on spring break, but my friends and I were meeting at the movies today, and Dana was coming. I needed to think of something, anything that will blow her mind. It was perfect, because Dana’s crush was going. I was browsing aimlessly, until I found a prank. It wasn’t the best, but it will still get her embarrassed. I had to run to the store to pick up some food coloring. We were best friends, so I can come to her house and her parents wouldn’t care. I brought it up to her bathroom, and replaced her facial cream with purple food coloring. She doesn’t look at the mirror after she washes her face; she just dries herself and goes. It’s nice if you know a lot about your victim.

I rushed out of her house, and walked back home. I was feeling giddy, just imagining her face when she will see what happened to her. The time to go to the mall came, and I practically flew to the theaters. Everyone was already there, except Dana. Suddenly, I felt sick. She could just decide not to come. She can just say she caught a cold and not come. This made me feel mad, because then my prank wouldn’t work. We were about to just go in, and that’s when Dana came. I smirked as I saw my prank didn’t fail. The others probably saw it too, because they looked at her, then looked at me. Everyone knew about our little war, and people enjoyed it. My plan had worked, and Dana had no clue. Dana saw us staring at her, and she whipped out her pocket mirror. Her face contorted from sheer horror, confusion, then absolute rage. I swallowed a small lump in my throat, I didn’t know she would get this mad. She looked at me, then at her crush. She snarled, “Does this look funny to you? Just watch, Krista. I’ll get back at you. Just wait for it.” She stormed off, leaving me with my mouth wide open.

I looked at my friends, and Jenna said, “Don’t you think that was a little too far? I mean, that just gave me chills.”

Ivy said, “It’s alright. She’s just overreacting. She’ll calm down after she pulls a prank on you back.” Dana’s crush nodded, and I forced myself to calm down. Dana was normally pretty easy going, which made it fun to play pranks on each other, but I guess she really liked him. I felt a little bad, but I felt happy again since my prank worked out so well. I laughed, although it might have sounded a little crazy. We didn’t go too far, not yet.

The movie was fine, but I wasn’t paying attention. I kept asking myself, ‘ What to do now?’ Dana was probably planning something crazy, and I couldn’t fall back. I had a few projects that was due at the end spring break, but I could work on that later. I went back online, and before I knew it Mom was calling me down to dinner. I cursed under my breath, and I went down to the kitchen.

I took the plate and said, “I’ll take this up to my room, mmkay?”

Mom asked, “Why?”

I replied, “Project.”

She nodded and I took my food up. I stayed on the computer for hours, and I fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, I still didn’t have a prank. Today, our group was going to meet at the park. It was almost time to go, so I canceled on them. I wouldn’t admit it, but I was scared to see Dana. The rest of the day was a fail also, so I decided to take a quick ride on my bike. I went to the garage, and looked for my bike. My heart started beating faster, and I yelled to Mom. She said that my older sister, Tonia, took it. Relieved, I went inside and watched T.V. After a while, I realized Tonia didn’t come back yet. Mom realized this too, because she went out to go find her. I followed her, and saw Dana. She saw me and faltered, then smirked. She twirled a wrench and went her way. My heart stopped, and I ran, calling out Tonia’s name.

About three blocks from where we lived, I heard a groan coming from the ditch beside of me. I rushed over, and saw Tonia. The bike was in three pieces, and Tonia’s ankle was twisted in a weird way. I called Mom over, and she gasped. As I called 911, Mom cared for Tonia.

At the emergency room, we waited. I remembered Dana, twirling the wrench. My hands clenched, but I kept my mouth shut. I will deal with this, my own way.

The doctor came out and told us,”Tonia seems to be okay. She broke her rib and her ankle, and seems to have fractured her tibia.”

I felt so angry, I wanted to strangle Dana. When we got home, I searched the internet all night. I found a prank, and I was ready.

There was a sleepover, and our group of friends were all going to Dana’s house. I packed my things, and went over. As I got there, everyone was already starting the movie. Dana noticed me first, and smiled evilly. I blinked, and Dana’s face was normal again. I plopped down, and felt really anxious to pay Dana back.

We were all getting ready to sleep, and that’s when I started my plan. After I made sure everyone was sleeping, I took out my red spray paint, and headed for the bathroom.  When I came back, I sprayed a little on her, then put it in her hands.

That morning, I woke up to a pleasant scream that rang through the house. We all woke up, and went to the bathroom, where the scream came from. Dana’s mom was in there, and we all saw the mess. There was red spray paint everywhere, like Elmo was skinned and someone used his body to clean the bathroom. Dana came last, with the spray paint on her. We all gawked at her, and Dana’s mom was first to respond.


“ What? Mom, I didn’t do it!” Dana protested. It was useless, since the evidence was on her. My friends and I went back to her room while Dana was being punished.

Ivy spoke first. ”Krista, I know it was you.”

“What are you talking about?” I put on an innocent face.

I saw Jenna and the others shake their heads. I pretended not to notice. I felt overjoyed, my prank worked perfectly. Still, I had to do something else. Dana would do a payback after this, and I had to be prepared.

When I came home, I immediately hit the computer. My friends texted and called me, but I had something more important to do. Dana was going to get me. She definitely was, and I had to hit her back harder.

Suddenly, a certain text came. It was from Dana, and it read, “;).” This made me scared, because I didn’t know what to expect after the bike incident. I started shaking, and started doing who-knows-what. Mom later found me shivering in the corner, murmuring about Dana to the wall.

I slept with nightmares, with Dana laughing at me, tormenting me. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and woke up. It was still dark out, so I went to the bathroom to wash my face. As I reached the mirror, I screamed.

Dana was here. I’m sure of it. I looked around, horrified of what I was seeing. The bathroom was dripping and black, and the paint seemed to be still wet. I looked at my feet, and I was stepping in black paint. I noticed I had black splotches on myself. My parents came running to the bathroom.

“What. In. The. World.” My dad said.

“I didn’t do it! Dad, it was Dana. I’m sure of it.” I cried.

“Krista. I know it was you. There’s evidence everywhere. I also heard about that little fiasco at the sleepover. If you’re trying to get Dana in trouble because of you, it’s not going to work.”

“Dad, no!” I shrieked.

“I’m sorry, Krista. Go to sleep. We’ll let it go this one time, but let’s put it this way: you’re on probation.” Mom stated.

“What do you mean?” I asked. They ignored me and went back to their room. I felt as if my parents just punched me in the gut, then finished with an uppercut. I stumbled back to my room, and plopped down. I spotted my phone, and there was a new message. Trembling, I picked it up. The message was from Dana, and it read, “I’m not done yet;)” I muffled my scream into the pillow. I woke up the next morning, drenched in sweat from nightmares.

The next day was slow, but I didn’t notice due to all my internet surfing. I was starting to get dark circles, and spring break was ending today. I vaguely feel like I have to do something, but I push that thought away. Dana was first. I had to stop her, or at least prank her into such humiliation she’ll stop. I heard something yelling far away, but I ignored it. I had the Dana priority first. What to do now? I can’t think of anything. I find myself darting my eyes around the room, scared Dana might be there.

Mom came storming up the room, and she yelled, “KRISTA!! I called you to lunch at least twenty times!” So that was the noise.

I replied, “Busy right now. School research.”

Mom didn’t seem to believe me. Strangely, I thought I saw worry in her eyes. Without saying anything, she went back down. Actually, I think she said something, but I couldn’t hear it. I heard Dana’s voice in my head saying things I couldn’t comprehend, but it was definitely her. Scared, I started talking. I talked louder and louder so I could drain out Dana’s voice.

At midnight, I couldn’t sleep. I went downstairs to get a glass of milk, but something stopped me. My parents were talking, and Mom said, “Rob, you know we can’t do this.”

My dad replied, “You know we have to. She’s not the same. It’s the only way. You saw her mumbling to herself, not sleeping, and she’s becoming paranoid to a point it’s mental.”

I realized they were talking about me. Feeling numb, I walked back up the stairs, whispering words of comfort to myself.

I was dead tired as I was walking to school. I remembered I forgot all my projects were due today. I had pulled another all-nighter, and my body didn’t like it. I checked my phone, and realized my friends were calling me constantly. I threw it on the floor, because I didn’t want Dana to text me again. I tripped over something. I scrambled to my feet, scared it was Dana. I glanced at what I tripped on, and found a paint brush dripping in dark blue. I needed one, I’m not sure why. I just wanted it. I got to school, and I couldn’t recognize it. Paint was everywhere, and negative messages were written on the walls. The statues were vandalized, and the windows were fully blue. Teachers were running around, and the students were all talking loudly. I found my group of friends. I started walking over to them, but they looked at me like I just killed someone. I finally put the puzzle pieces together. The paint brush. The school. It was so simple, but I didn’t put it together before.

My friends looked terrified, and Jenna cautiously walked towards me, like I was going to harm her.

“Krista,” she said. “Why? What were you thinking?” She said it with a stern voice, but there was a hint of sympathy.

“Jenna. It’s not what you think. It was Dana,” I tried to protest. I looked at Dana, and for a second she was smirking. It went away too quick for anyone else to notice.

Dana walked up and said, “Krista, why are you doing this to me? Krista, please. You’re not being normal right now.” She tried to put a hand in my arm.

I swatted it away, and yelled, “Dana! Stop lying! I know it was you! Stop! You’re trying to ruin me! Dana!” I kept on yelling until it became a shrill scream. Dana started crying, and teachers came to take me away.

I was taken home, and the situation was explained to my parents by the authorities. They looked devastated, but in a way that their worst fear was just confirmed.

My dad turned to me and said, “Krista. I’m so sorry. I should have notice the symptoms earlier.”

“Symptoms?” I questioned.

Mom replied, “Honey, we’re going to have to…” She started crying and buried her head into my dad’s shoulder.

My dad continued, “We’re going to send you to a hospital. A mental ward.”

I couldn’t believe this. I wasn’t crazy. “Dad. You’ve got it all mistaken. Dana did this. She planned against me. She’s trying to ruin me!” I shrieked. People started grabbing me, and I struggled. I bit someone, and they let go. I started running, but they pinned me down again. I felt a quick, sharp, pain, and the world went dark.

I woke up in a bright room. It was white, and very plain. I looked at myself, and I was wearing a hospital uniform. I had to explain to somebody that I wasn’t crazy. They had to take me out. This was all Dana’s fault.

There was a knock on the door, and I thought this was my chance to prove myself. I called, “Come in!” As normal as I can. When she came in, I could barely control myself. As Dana walked in, I felt myself hyperventilate.

She sat down, and told me, “Are you okay?”

I snarled, “No need to pretend.”

She snickered, and continued, “Alright then. I did do it. Happy? I admitted it.”

I growled, “Admit it to everybody then, you coward.”

She started laughing, and said, “Oh, I can’t do that. I did this all to help you, to help you realize where you belong.”

I lost it then, and I started to attack her, and I’ll admit it was a little animal-like. A nurse ran in, and restricted me. As I was fighting, I saw Dana pretending to be innocent, explaining her lies to the doctor that came in with the nurse. The nurse pierced me again, and as I was falling to sleep, I saw Dana mouth, “April fool’s.”


I woke up, but I kept lying down. I’m stuck in a mental ward, my parents think I’m mental, and my friends are terrified of me, if they were still my friends. Of course, there was Dana. I never know when she’ll attack me. I heard a noise, and I screamed. I was sure it was Dana, but a cup just dropped. I’m sure Dana had something to do with it. I tried to tell the nurse treating me, but she just absently nodded. I’m sure Dana will come for me again, and I had to be prepared. She’ll surely come back, ready for me. What to do now?


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