A Little Help On Easter

A Little Help on Easter

By: Katherine Vu, staff writer

I was really competitive

You could ask anyone

Getting all the eggs on Easter

Every year I always won

But then something happened

It involved a little boy

To some it won’t make sense

But it fills my heart with joy

I was on my Easter hunt

Picking eggs up all around

Then I saw the little boy

He was crying on the ground

I asked him what was wrong

And he told me his sad tale

“I never get any eggs!”

He told me with a wail

I felt real bad for the kid

So I gave him a chance

When he got the golden egg

He did a little dance

Then the little boy hugged me

After he gave me that big squeeze

He told me he’d beat me next year

And to that I laughed,”Oh please!”

It made me feel so happy

It made me feel so good

And it also made me realize

If you can help someone, you should

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