No Regular Easter

No Regular Easter

By: Melody Garcia, Staff Writer

            Hello! I’m back and have fully recovered from the flu. Today is Sunday, March 31 and it’s Easter! Everyone is coming over, but Brayden is here early, as usual. It’s eight o’clock in the morning. Hey! We wake up early, but don’t ask me why because I don’t know. Yes, he is my boyfriend now and I am so happy. We are the best together! We argue though, but all couples have to or else they weren’t meant to be together. Oh! Isaac and Eli ended up together also. I’m happy for them; they are so cute! We are going on a type of road trip out in the forest for an easter egg hunt in Jason’s RV, but we have some time before everyone gets here. Yep, like always` we leave from my house.

“Hey Brayden?”

“Yeah Maci?”


“Can we watch a movie? I’ve been dying to see it! It’s on Netflix! Please?” I begged. I had been waiting, but it’s not in theaters anymore.


“Sure. What movie is it?” He asked.


I blushed feeling slightly embarrassed at what I was about to say, “Rise of the Guardians.”


He froze in his place and stared at me with a straight face. I was worried. He never froze up on me before. Then he just started laughing, “Really? That’s the movie you want to see? Maci that’s a kid movie.”


“But I act like a kid, so how come I can’t see it? It looks hilarious!”


“Fine, fine.”


“Yay!” I jumped up from my spot on the couch and hugged him. “So we have three hours before the whole gang gets here. That should be enough time to watch the movie.” Brayden nodded as I turned on the Xbox and went on Netflix. I was so excited and I clicked on the movie.


I stretched from my spot on the couch, “Wow. That was a good movie.” Brayden just smiled and nodded in agreement. “That Jack Frost was pretty cute too.”


“Hey! I am just as cute as that fictional creature!” Brayden yelled.


I giggled as I walked over to him and gave my jealous boyfriend a hug, “He’s cute, but you are cuter.”


“Hey Maci! Hey Brayden!” Elijah and Isaac walked in holding hands. Those two are inseparable, but I shouldn’t be talking.


“Hi guys!” Just as I said that Jason’s RV rolled into my driveway. I got to admit it was pretty nice looking.


Samantha, Asia, Marina, and Jason all hopped out, “We’re here!” Jason excitedly shouted.


“Good,” I smiled, “Now let’s get on the road!”


We grabbed some snacks, drinks, real food, dessert, and toilet paper. Why the toilet paper? Well, Jason practically lives in there so the bathroom needs toilet paper. Jason also has a microwave, jacuzzi, and fridge! He never told anybody, so when we got in we were all in shock.


“Nice place you got here,” Brayden guffawed.


“Thanks! Well make yourselves comfortable,” Jason smiled, “It’s going to be a long ride to Big Bear.”


I snuggled against Brayden and feel asleep.


I woke up to someone shaking me vigorously. Groaning, I flipped over to realize that Brayden wasn’t there. When I looked up, Brayden was standing in front of me with a smile on his face, “Hey sleeping beauty. Did you get enough sleep?” Brayden asked.


I giggled and nodded, “Are we here?”


“Yep, now let’s go the gang is waiting for us,” We walked outside only to see no house, nor the group. “Or not.”


I started to hyperventilate, “Oh no! Where did they go?”


“Probably to set out the easter eggs.” I looked back at Brayden; though I wish I hadn’t. There was a massive bear behind him. “Maci? You okay? What are you looking a-,” He was cut off as we both looked at what might be our death. “Maci, on the count of three I want you to slowly back up then start running. Okay? One,” Brayden counted. “Two.” I backed up slowly. “Three.”


I started to run, but I didn’t exactly do what Brayden wanted. All I was told to do was to run, however, I grabbed him and then ran. I could hear him yelling at me; just barely though because adrenaline was pumping through my veins making my ears ring. I climbed up a large sycamore tree with Brayden on my heels. Luckily, the bear was a bit too big to climb the tree and eventually it left. I hugged Brayden so tightly that he barely let out a squeak. “Oh sorry!” I exclaimed and unwrapped my arms from him.


“Maci! Why did you grab me?”


“It’s not like I would just leave you there to be mauled by a bear! You were trying to save me, but I couldn’t just leave you knowing that you could die while I would be safe! It’s not fair…” I trailed off while he embraced me. I sobbed into his t-shirt while he coaxed me to stop crying.


Just then, we heard a few voices, “Maci?”




“Hello? Where are you guys?”


“Jason! Isaac! Eli! We’re over here!” Brayden yelled off into the direction the voices drifted off from.


When the three ran into the clearing, confusion and worry was plastered on their faces. I chuckled. “Wait. What do you mean, ‘We’re over here!’? I can’t see you! Are you guys like ghosts or something because that would be so cool!” Eli jumped with joy at the last thing she mentioned.


“No. I mean we’re up here!” Brayden yelled. Our friends slowly looked up and saw us up in the tree.


“Oh!” They all said in unison.


We carefully climbed down the tree, and when my feet touched the ground, I collapsed. “Maci! Are you okay?” Jason rushed over to me while Brayden looked worried and a little jealous that Jason was so close to me.


“Yeah I’m fine. I just fell because of all the adrenaline finally left. Other than that I’m perfectly okay,” I smiled. They didn’t seem to buy it though, but I was serious. I got up and sighed.


“Well, what are we waiting for? The rest of the group is waiting for us, so let’s get a move on!” Eli contently replied to my sigh.


We walked back and found our way to the cabin. Supposedly, Brayden and I wondered off the trail. When we got back, there was a huge Easter egg hunt set up, and Marina, Samantha, and Asia ran at us giving us hugs bigger than the bear. I told them what happened and everyone sat with jaws slacked except for Brayden. Afterwards, we had the easter egg hunt, and I won! This just proves to be a No Regular Easter.

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