No Regular April Fools Day

No Regular April Fool’s Day

By: Melody Garcia (Staff Writer)

            Hello! It’s Maci, again; obviously. Sometimes, I wonder if you guys get bored of me talking and you want to hear Brayden or Eli or Isaac, but I guess it doesn’t matter; the school year’s almost up anyways. To add to that stress, I’m running out of holidays! However, that doesn’t mean I will stop. No, I will not stop, but enough about my problems! Let’s get on with the story shall we? It’s the day after easter, but that’s not a good thing. We came back the same day and went back to Manhattan Beach. After we went our separate ways, I fell asleep like a light. Well, you got to give me credit; I was almost mauled by a bear. It’s not a good thing it’s today because today is April Fool’s Day, and my friends, well they go all out. We prank each other every year and frankly, I don’t know if it’s a good idea. I just don’t want any pranks to go too far, if you know what I mean. Sometimes I’m scared that if it does, our group will separate. Hopefully, no one will go that far.


“Oh Maci!” shouted Mason. Ugh, the last thing I need is for him to be pranking me.


“What?” I asked with little enthusiasm.


“Dearest sister of mine, don’t be that way! It’s supposed to be a fun day,” He smiled at me while he barged into my room.


“Hey! What if I just got out of the shower or something?” I yelled and questioned at the same time. I was dressed, but you never know.


“Then I’d just be scarred for life. Come on!” He grabbed my arm and marched downstairs. When we got down there, I couldn’t stop laughing. “So you think this is funny, huh?”


I nodded my head vigorously. You see, my brother hates spiders. When I say hate, I mean he really hates spiders. Last night, I woke up in the middle of my “beauty sleep” to find Mason asleep on the couch; he was snoring like a banshee. I am very serious about this. Since he has arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, I decided that I should “decorate” the kitchen in fake, plastic spiders. What? The Party City near my house is open 24/7, so I went on a little midnight stroll.


“You just wait Little Sis, I’ll get you good!” He pouted, then tiptoed out of the room. Wow, he was so good at it that he could probably join me in pointe. For those of you who don’t know what pointe is; it is ballet where you wear shoes that have a shell on the tip, so you can stand on your toes. Pointe shoes are extremely uncomfortable, though.


I just laughed and was about walk out of the room when Eli bursted through the front door, “Hey girlie! What are you doing?” She paused to look at the spiders in the house and then laughed, “Mason?”




“Ha! Classic, but you know we still have the whole day to prank the rest of the gang. Let’s rig this place! Invite everyone here so we can fool these fools!” Eli was more pumped than usual, but it was her favorite day of the year.


“Okay, just a sec,” I walked over to the phone when Mason jumped out of a corner trying to scare me. “Yeah that didn’t scare me, but keep trying, Rookie!” He groaned and still tiptoed up the stairs, all the way up until he reached his room and shut the door.


After I called everyone, Eli and I went to the store and bought our bag of pranks. Now I know your thinking, “Why not prank each other?” Well, you see, we tried that, but it lasted forever. Now we just prank other people while we work as a team. Together, Eli and I are unbeatable!


“Hello! Maci! Eli!” Brayden knocked at my door.


I opened the door to find the whole gang standing there, “Oh yay! Sorry, but Elijah isn’t here yet. She went to buy some snacks for us, so be grateful when she comes back!” They nodded their heads and I let them inside. To them it looked normal. Okay, most of them anyway. Isaac had a look of doubt on his face, so he pulled me into the kitchen while cautiously looking in every nook and cranny, “What?”


“I know that mischievous twinkle in your eyes like the back of my hand, Maci. I have known you the longest, so what are you two girls up to?” Isaac questioned. It’s true, though; Isaac has known me the longest. We met in kindergarten because we were both new, so we sat next to each other. After that, Isaac and I were instantly best friends. Eli came out from her hiding spot and told him what we were planning.


About two minutes later, I screamed, but not because I was scared. Brayden came rushing into the kitchen followed by Jason, Marina, Samantha, and lastly Asia. “What happened? Are you alright?” He yelled.


“I just slipped, but I can’t move,” I whimpered. Little to their knowledge this was planned.


Jason went to the bathroom to get the first aid kit that was in there. A moment later, he screamed. Although I’ve known Jason for awhile, I had never heard him scream, until now that is. That scream was not a manly one; let’s just leave it at that. When he came back downstairs, he was really flustered. Eli, Isaac, and I knew this was fake, and I suppose now does Jason. It was a good thing that everyone went back in the living room to try and calm down Brayden. Jason would’ve ratted us out, “Okay, Maci. I knew it was you because Elijah isn’t here.”


“Psh, what?” I asked in a sarcastic voice, “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” He gave me that look that just denied everything that just came out of my mouth, “Okay I did do it, but with a little help.” I smirked when Eli came out from a cabinet. Jason stared in awe as he looked upon the two smartest April Foolers in the history of the world! Oh, and Isaac was there too. Okay, I may have gone just a tab overboard with the last two statements, but you know me.


Then he put on a smirk, “How can I help?” The three of us whispered a plan to Jason.


I came out of the kitchen walking normally, “See, I’m fine. I just slipped and was in a panic, so I thought I was way worse than it actually was.” I was just distracting them from looking at Elijah, who was sneaking out through the dining room window.


Eli barged through the door, “Hey guys…” She trailed when she saw everyone looking at me, “Uh everything okay? I wasn’t gone that long was I?”


“Yes, everything is perfect and you came at the right time!” Isaac exclaimed.


She smiled at sat down on the couch resting her feet on the coffee table, “Good, so whatcha guys, and gals, up to?”


“Not much. We just about to do a scavenger hunt throughout the house,” I smiled at her and everyone.


Isaac and Jason were the only two people that weren’t surprised by this, “We were?” Everybody else said simultaneously.


“Yep! Now up and at ‘em!” Jason exclaimed sounding excited.


When everyone else went to go on the hunt, me and the three musketeers just sat back and awaited the shrieks. They came earlier than what was previously thought. Sam, Asia, Marina, and Brayden ran down the stairs just in time to see the four of us laughing.


Asia was covered in feathers from Mason’s pillow, Brayden had silly string all over himself, Marina was shaking from a horn being blasted next to her, and finally Sam, well she just screamed because she heard everyone else scream and it startled her. In a couple seconds, they joined in our amusement.


I heard the doorbell ring, so I had to leave my spot on the couch to see who or what is was. When I opened the door nothing was there, so I was going to close it until I saw the package. I brought the box inside with the Eli, Jason, and Isaac’s help because it was really big. I opened it and went to look at the contents, but something jumped out. It was a clown! This was like a life-sized Jack-in-the-Box. I hate clowns so much! Who would do this? The clown’s face looked like Mason’s friend’s face, Jack .I looked at Elijah to try and see if it was her, but she was wearing a genuine confused look on her face. Nobody else could pull a prank this good except maybe… “Mason!”


“Ha!” Mason exclaimed as he jumped out from his room, “See Little Sis, I got you good!” I sat on the couch and fake pouted while everyone else laughed. Eventually, I did to, but this just proves my point that today was no regular April Fool’s Day.

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