Two Years Before Hoverboards

Two Years Before Hoverboards

By: Aaron McGuire and Tony Chong, staff writers


Our story begins at a 7-Eleven. A really cool guy named Aaron was chilling there waiting for his even cooler friend, Tony. From a distance, he could hear a faint voice. Aaron looks over and sees Tony running over to him yelling, ”Aaron! Aaron! Aaron!”

Tony ran up to Aaron with great speed. Leaping with grace. Pushing his muscles to their limits. Tony finally caught up to Aaron. He slowed down. Tony starts trying to talk, but continues to breath heavily.

“Bro? Are you okay?”

Tony continues to pant heavily, but controls his breathing after falling in the floor for about 10 minutes. He gets up and says,  “Uh, bro. While I was drinking a soda at home, I looked at the bottle cap guess what it said?”

“What did it say?”

“It said we could win a unicorn.”


“Gosh you’re so bad at sarcasm. It said that we could have a chance to win a time machine!”

“Oh, so time machines are possible, but unicorns aren’t. You make me sick.” Aaron shakes his head in disgrace.

“No, Aaron. This is legit. This bottle cap has a code on it. I entered it into a contest and I won the prize.”

“It’s probably just a hoax like the rest of those stupid “contests.” Do you think that the academy actually give Oscars to people.”


“Oh, okay. I’ll believe what you said about the time machine when I see it.”


“So do you have it?”



—————————————————2 Weeks Later—————————————————

Tony ran up to Aaron again, but this time, holding a box.

“Aaron! I finally got it.”

“Alright. Then, open it!”

“I will.”

Tony tears open the box with great excitement. Using his strength with all his might. Ripping with grand force. The box was open. The two adventurers looked inside. They were both excited, but their excitement didn’t last long. Inside was a taquito.

“I knew it. This was just a hoax.”

“There should be a time machine in here.”

Aaron took the taquito out of the box. “Might as well not waste it. If this was a real time machine, I would’ve gone to 2015.”

“Why? What’s there?”

“Because that’s the year of hoverboards, and self tieable shoes, and other useless stuff.”

“Sounds cool, but you can already buy a bunch of useless stuff at 99¢ Stores.”

“Yeah, I know. I’d just want to go to 2015.”

Aaron takes a bite out of the taquito. Suddenly, a big light shined out of nowhere. The duo looked around them and all they could see was a big white light. The light started to fade away. The two looked around. Aaron finally started to speak.

“Did you see that?”

“You mean that bright light?”

“Yeah! I’ve never seen something like that before. This must a magical taquito.”

“Or we just got ripped off.”

“It probably took us to 2015 since we were just talking about it.”

“Or we’re in the same time period.”

“That bright light must’ve blocked our vision, so we could be transported.”

“Or that truck with bright light just passed by us.”

“Or you’re an idiot. We finally have the chance to see what will happen in the future.”

“Fine If you’re so sure why don’t we go find out?”

“Come on. I know we’re in 2015.”

So they both go outside, and see a car getting towed by a truck.

“Oh my gosh, we’re being raided! They shot the tire and now they’re taking our vehicle” Aaron yelled.

“Calm down gosh. The tire has a nail and they are taking it to repair.”

“Oh I knew that.”


The two brave warriors walked down the street. Aaron was very excited for adventure while Tony was thinking, “Why am I still friends with this idiot?” and eating the rest of the taquito. Suddenly, a mysterious figure appeared that looked like a cat. It WAS a cat.

“A robotic cat! It looks so realistic!” Aaron yelled with excitement.

“That’s because it IS real.”

“Dude, stop ruining everything you obviously know that it’s a robot cat. It’s probably not even a cat. It’s probably called something cooler like…a…”Codanianavis” or something. Now, help me catch it. I’m going to unscrew it open so I can reprogram it.”

“Well, guess what? You’re not going to find any screwdrivers around here, or any screws on the cat”


“Yeah, right.”

“The technology has improved since then. I guess I’ll have to cut it open!”

“Wait! AARON! NO!” Tony yells as he pushed him out of the way.

“What the heck? I was going to bring that technology back to our regular time and be an expert scientist!”

“For the last time Aaron, we aren’t in the future the taquito was just a joke!”

“I don’t believe you. I’ll prove you wrong give me the taquito.”

“That’s going to be a problem, I ate it.” Aaron stares at Tony in shock and Aaron tries to catch his breath as he stares into Tony’s big stupid big inferior eyes.

“Stop that’s stupid I think this ending sucks my eyes aren’t that big.” says Tony the author of this story that you’re reading right now.

“Hey, I’m the writer. I should control what happens,” says co-writer Aaron.

“I’m the writer too.”

“Okay fine. What should we do for the ending?”

“How about they both get hit by a flying car? “The End”

“So Aaron and Tony gets hit by a flying car, and the world ends?”


Tony writes in the end of the story, then he takes out a celebration taco and eats it.

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