Spring Tech Review: Playstation 4

PlayStation 4

Written by:Jessica Santiago


The company Playstation has done it again with their new Playstation 4! This revolutionary gaming system promised better graphics . This amazing company has one thing in mind and that is to ‘fight the war against reality’. The playstation 4 is nothing like its competitors.

Let’s start off with the breathtaking design of the remote. It has a touch screen for easy on screen navigation, a camera to sense player movements , and a share button to social media for friends to see. As many owners of the Playstation 3 know, it takes an hour to download games from the Playstation store, but now as soon as the download begins you can start playing! As opposed to their earlier model, Playstation 3, this system is the ultimate gamer’s paradise! Like the Wii U’s ‘Gamepad’ you can now remote play with Playstation Vita. Do you own an Apple or Android product? If so you’re in luck, now you can use your tablet or phone to add a second screen! How cool is that? Kind of like their competitor , Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect , Playstation 4 comes with a sensor bar that interacts with the light sensor at the top of the remote. It going to be available this holiday season at a starting price of $429. I think that is a fair price considering the features. The graphics in my opinion are great i give it a ten out of ten! You can see more videos and find more information  at www.playstation.com/PS4.

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