Spring Fashion Review

Spring Fashion Review

By: Caitlyn Sandoval (Staff Writer)

There is a lot of things to wear for the spring time. During Spring the weather gets a least a little warmer. Sometimes it can be a little windy, but for the most part nice and warm. Obviously it’s not going to be as hot as the weather in summer. That is a whole different story. There are a lot of people that are confused on what to wear during the spring. Well, I can help you decide what is best to wear during this season.

Luckily for girls, they have a lot of choices on what to wear. They could wear shorts, vans, jordans, thin jackets, accessories, jeans, tank tops, t- shirts, and anything else that is not too thick. The choices I made are my personal style, but I still think that it’s great for the weather and fashion alone. I have made quite a few optionals to go off of. Most of the things are pretty affordable as well, except some of the accessories which you can always replace with something more in your price range.


Now for the guys, there are less options, but there are still some options. Guys most of the time dress pretty simple. They could wear shorts, Nike’s, elite socks, snapbacks, beanies, jordans, v-necks, t-shirts, vans, jeans, muscle shirts, or anything that suits the weather. Now their clothes though are extremely affordable and well priced.

I showed you some options that I think that teenagers or young teens may like. The guy and girls clothings were made by me. Hope everyone will enjoy some of the clothings that I picked out. The links to my page to view the sets are on the bottom and also I picked out some outfits on the collage I made. That way you can see different outfits and varieties people can be interested in. The bag is for Tilly’s, the Jimi Hendrix tee is from Love Culture, the shorts are from Love culture, the bow shorts are from Wet Seal, the Volcom shirts is from Tilly’s, beats are from anywhere like Target, Tilly’s, or Amazon, the dress is from Boo-Hoo.com, and lastly the shoes are from Vans store.


www.polyvore.com/beauty/set?id=74067394  www.polyvore.com/spring_summer_collection/set?id=74063579  www.polyvore.com/guys_style/set?id=74495487  www.polyvore.com/cig/set?id=74143455


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