Star Testing Tips

Star Testing

By: Melody Garcia (Staff Writer)

            As most of you know, CST testing will begin May 21, 2013. However, some of you didn’t know this. Don’t freak out! You still have time to study. Most classes have begun teaching lessons that might be on the Star Test. I talked Ms.Barker and asked a couple questions on how we should study and be prepared.


“What should students do to be prepared for the test?”


Ms.Barker said, “Students should review their notes and what they’ve done in class.”


“What kind of breakfast would promote brain power for the day of the test?”


“A balanced breakfast. Students should eat a balance of protein, carbs, and fiber,” Ms.Barker said, “It would help to not feel hungry during the test.”


“Students shouldn’t be too stressed, so what can they do to study, without getting overwhelmed?”


“Students should set a specific schedule on times to study. They also shouldn’t cram; don’t try to study everything the night before.”


“Is there anything else you would like to add?”


“Yes,” Ms.Barker added, “Students should study and prepare, but should work in some time for relaxing. Make sure you go to sleep on time!”


Ms.Barker is very knowledged about the CSTs, so if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to go and ask. However, make sure she isn’t busy and be considerate about her time. Almost everybody worries about the CSTs; you’re not alone! I hope these study skills helped you and work hard to achieve excellence!

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