Student of the Month Assembly for Per. 5

Student of the Month Assembly Period 5

By: Sara Mohammad, Staff Writer


On April, 4, 2013, Magruder students eagerly sat on the assigned blacktop spots where they were divided into their grades, ready to hear the names of the student winners, maybe even their own.  It was the fifth period Student of the Month assembly. Today, it was time to reveal who were those hard working, independent students.

To make the assembly entertaining, Mr. Sheck put on the song called, “We Are The Champions.” while everyone was taking a seat.  Afterwards, one of our eight graders, Skyler Bimat  made a short announcement about how Magruder can raise funds to cure for Leukemia, in Pennies for Patients.

Shortly after the announcement, Mrs.Jaeger went on stage to read the names of  6th grade students.The following students are:


Mrs.Jaeger-Language Arts : Liam Abe, Isaiah Matamoros, Jessica Walker, Gregory Gotis

Ms.Loftin- Physical Education : Megan Purkey,Steven Fernandez

Mrs.Smith-Social Studies:Carolina Avendano,Chavez-Autumn

Mrs.Mann- Mathematics :Ramzy Issa

Mrs.Ramos-English Language, Grade 6: Jeremy Watanabe

Then, Ms.Borowski, and some of our student went on the stage, and danced at the song, “ I Like To Move It,” which was then translated by Ms. Borowski saying,” I like to Move A Move A.” However, the reason why it was changed was, because it was a small commercial about the Move A Thon that was happening in our school, on Friday, April 5. Afterwards, we had Mrs. Borowski  announce the 7th grade students. The students were:

Mrs. Ramos-Language Arts Grade 7: Yostina Abdelmalk

Mrs. Dalbey/Mrs. Beverly : Maia Adams, Aimee Gonzales, Cody Lago, Santos Moreno

Ms.Nunes-Leadership : Maxwell Arnold

Ms.Ho- Pre-Algebra : Anthony Garcia, Melody Garcia, Phoebe Kim,

Mrs. Fraga- Introduction To Spanish : Daniela Hua, Patrick Nolan, Albert Rodriguez, Kayla Vo

Mrs.Aulenta- Language Arts :Aaron McGuire, Catherine Phu,

Ms.Ingram- Language Arts : Edwin Riviera Velez, Daniel Gonzalez

Mrs.Eisenschiml : Amanda Perticone

Ms.Borowski-Social Studies : Jessica Santiago, Christina Spellman

Mrs.Davies- Science : Katherine Vu, “Kevin” Bao Tao

When we were done with seven graders, Mr. Burgner announced the 8th  graders.

We had….

Ms.Ji- Science: Shendy Mae Casas, Kathleen Nguyen,

Mrs.Johnson-  Mathematics :Darlynn Cuevas Vazquez , Shane Nelson, Alexander Gomez

Mr.Burgner-Social Studies : Allison Farr, Kyle Stallings,

Mrs.Peterson-Social Studies : Alan Hardwick, Aymen Kabir,

Mrs.Ramos-English Language Arts, Grade 8: Jennifer Seung Yeon, Brenda Ruiz Gutierrez

Mrs. Schwafaty-Language Arts : Balpreet Kaur, Michelle Ngo

Mrs.Occiano-Capio – Math Intervention : Derek Lobato

Mrs.Le- Physical Science : Gabryella Waas, Kayne Toyosato


Students who didn’t receive an award from your favorite teacher, it’s ok, they still care about you.  There is still an awards night at the end of the year.  Always have hope!

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