Student of the Month Per. 6

Student of the Month Period 6

By: Phoebe Kim, staff writer

            We are finally almost done with our school year! With that, we also had our period 6 student the month assembly on May third. Everyone has worked hard this year, and the teachers probably had a hard time choosing who should get the certificate. The lucky students that got the prize this month were:



Evan Abrams – Mr. Porush

Alexandra Carruth-Mrs.Takano & Mrs.Yung

Shendey Mae Casas-Mrs.Schwafaty

Daylon Cooper-Mrs.Peterson

Lenore DeNeui-Mr.Rasmussen

Melanie Emmerson-Mrs.Eisenschiml

Daniella Fassnacht-Mrs.Peterson

Chandler Hancock-Mrs.Schwafaty

Alan Hardwick-Mr.Roulette

Maritza Hurtado-Mrs.Ramos

Andrew Hwang-Mrs.Jaeger

Claire Kim-Mrs.Mann

Hannah Long-Mrs.Dalbey/Mrs.Beverly

Bryce Martin-Mrs.Loftin

Aaron Mcguire-Mr.Roulette

Marla Mendoza Cerrato-Mrs.Ramos

Sara Mohammad-Mrs.Nunes

Sophia Nachtsheim-Mrs.Dalbey/Mrs.Beverly

Kyle Nam-Mrs.Dalbey/Mrs.Beverly

Dorian Naudus-Mrs.Le

Christian Nelson-Ms.Borowski

Michelle Ngo-Ms.Ji

Aaron Nguyen-Ms.Ingram

Kathleen Nguyen-Mrs.Schwafaty

Patrick Nolan-Ms.Ho

Kevin Oh-Mrs.Takano & Mrs.Yung

Cruz Padilla-Mrs.Jaeger

Rhea Patteri-Ms.Ji

Makenna Peneuta-Ms.Ingram

Jenny Pham-Ms.Ho


Ross Piscitello-Mr.Burgner

Stephania Ramirez-Mrs.Jaeger

Sami-Ur Rehman-Mr.Roulette

Albert Rodriquez-Ms.Ho

Aimee Shimizu-Mr.Roulette

Genesis Sierra-Mrs.Le

Genesis Sierra-Ms.Loftin

Christina Spellman-Mrs.Davies

Mayra Vasquez-Ms.Ingram

Aldeir Vasquez-Mr.Rasmussen

Katherine Vu-Mr.Roulette


Kyle Warfield-Mrs.Dalbey/Mrs.Beverly

Congratulations to all those that received the SOMA prize! You have all worked hard throughout the year. For the people that didn’t receive a prize, it’s okay. There will be next year, or you may get the prize in our award night coming soon. Work hard, you can get it next time!

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