Student of the Month For Period One

Student of the Month for Period One

          By: H. Hoang, Staff Writer

                       The Student of the Month Award is an award given to students who excel academically, or put forth extra effort. The period one Student of the Month Award was given on Friday, October 15th. It was raining the day the awards were given out so the names were called on the loudspeaker.  Even though it was raining we still want to congratulate the students who got the Student of the Month Awards for first period.

                       The sixth grade awards were announced first. For Mrs. Smith’s class, it was Chase Hafner for his great effort in social studies and outstanding achievement. For Mrs. Evan’s class, it was Kim Louis Ramos for excellent achievement and academic achievement.  For Mrs. Rosechild’s class, it was Kyle Warfield for great participation in class. For Mrs. Peterson’s class, it was Daniel Kiroloss for outstanding academic achievement in social studies. For Mrs. Takano’s   and Mrs. Yung’s class, it was Daylene Taualii for academic excellence and effort in class. For Mrs. Jaeger’s class, it was Kathleen Nguyen for excellence in language arts and her great attention to detail. For Mrs. Mitchell’s class, it was Jenny Chung for outstanding achievement, effort, and citizenship in math.  For Mr. Lee’s class, Ellysen Cornejo did excellent on all assignments.

                     The seventh graders were announced second. For Mrs. Davies’ class, Ashley Oh was recognized for being an great student and a model citizen. In Ms. Borowski‘s class, it was Emily Vu for going above and beyond in social studies class.  In Mr. Rasmussen‘s class, Jared Darocha was outstanding in academics and citizenship. For Mrs. Aulenta’s class, Daniel Vu and Conor Abberton was recognized for their excellent effort in language arts.

                    The athletes of the month and eighth graders were announced last. In Mr. Alvarenga’s  class , Madisyn and Gabby Trinidad for citizenship and effort. In Ms. Loftin’s class, Scott DeNeui for going the extra mile and Andrea Barrios for being very helpful in P.E. In Mrs. Schwafaty‘s class, Adam Jackson was noted for great participation and being very focused and attentive. In Mrs. Levy’s class, Camille Moses was recognized for being respectful to others and her participation in class. In Mr. Burgner’s class, Pam Gwen Ramos was noted for having a great attitude and continually going ‘’the extra mile.’’ In Ms. Mann’s class, Jacob Bugayong had outstanding academic achievement in algebra.

                  We have a great group of students this year who received the Student of the Month Award. Hopefully it won’t rain on the next Student of the Month Assembly.   These fellow classmates are your role models.

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