by Jenny Pham, staff writer


It’s a complete lie if you say that kids never exercise anymore. On April 5th, all of the students, during the end of the school day, went out to just have fun by participating in fun activities. Why? It was the Move-a-thon. It’s all on the name. Magruder students got to go out and have some fun outside.

The Move-a-thon wasn’t just for fun and games though. While the students were having fun, they managed to help out there school at the same time. Each student would have their own sponsor that would give them a certain amount of money depending on the amount of hoops they shot, laps they ran, or songs they danced to.


Despite the Move-a-thon being a school event for money, a lot of people enjoyed the Move-a-thon. I asked a few students on their opinions on the Move-a-thon.

“I thought that it was enjoyable,” Christina Spellman says. “I don’t like the running though. The dancing and the basketball was totally fine.”


“I think we should do it more often because kids would be more active.” Jade Tao comments. “It was really fun. My favorite part was the running because I could talk to my friends.”

“It was fun. I would suggest trying to keep the music trendy, but I don’t listen to much music, so I can’t say much. The basketball thing was fun, although a lot of kids were standing around the basketball courts. Perhaps next year, they could try to even things out more. Oh, and for running . . . Well, you can’t mess up running, so that was fine,” Lauren Kocheim says.

A lot of people had fun at the Move-a-thon and enjoyed it while they were helping their school keep the activities that they love through this fundraiser.

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