Magruder’s Annual Spring Concert 2013

Magruder’s Annual Spring Concert 2013

By Tony Chong and Aaron McGuire

            On May 3, 2013 many friends and family came to see our school’s Spring Concert by the choir and band. The director was David Porush and he did a fantastic job, along with throwing in some jokes here and there. Most of the band students were recognized for their outstanding performance in the classroom.

The band played many songs in the concert.

Band Songs

“Let’s Take a break”

“Regal March”

“Montego Bay”

“Trumpet Voluntary”

“The Funky Turtle”

“Westwind Overture”

“Rockin Rondeau”

The Choir sang these songs.

Chorus Songs

“The Solfage Song”


“A Whole New World”


“Come Follow Me”

“Lean on Me”


            The band really has had a big improvement since the last Fall Concert. They must have practiced a lot and learned many new things. Mr. Porush said that “The band has improved at a high level over the past four or five years….”

The Choir also sang that night. Two of their songs were complicated songs called “Lean on Me” and “Hitori” (a Japanese folk song). Jose Molina played the piano for the choir and he did a wonderful job. Our own Mr. Roulette even played one accompaniment for choir.  The song was called “Come Follow Me” – he did great!

Mr. Porush did a great job conducting band and choir. They all did a wonderful job. We will be waiting for their next concert.

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