Mrs. Sukal, Adventures In Art Teacher


Mrs. Sukal, Adventures in Art Teacher
By D. Kiroloss, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered who the Adventures in Art teacher in Magruder Middle School is? Well that person is Mrs. Sukal. She is a kind woman who volunteers to help out in our school. She has taught art to students in elementary school and to students in middle school.

Q. What is your full name and what role do you play in the PTSA?
A. My full name is Cristina Sukal and I am the Adventures in Art Chairperson of the PTSA.

Q. What are the upcoming art projects for this year?
A. There are five projects for this year. The first one was the Drama Masks of Bali, and then there is Dappled Sunlight, Jordana’s HOLLYWOOD Hills, Modigliani- Portraits on Wood, and Reverse Painting on Vinyl.

Q. Where does all the money for Adventures in Art come from?
A. It comes from the PTSA. Memberships, fundraising, and donations made to the PTSA help in the funding for Adventures in Art.

Q. Why do you want be Adventures in Art teacher?
A. I do it because it’s fun, it helps students enjoy art, and it feels good to give back.

Q. What kind of training do you have to have and how many hours does it take to prepare?
A. I have to go to five workshops and depending on the project, it may take about an hour.

Mrs. Sukal, she is a mom and a parent volunteer who helps out in Magruder Middle School. She dedicates her time to teach art and to give back to students. Mrs. Sukal is to be remembered in our school.

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