Book Fair by our PTSA

Book Fair!

By: Alejandra Garcia

Staff Editor

        This year, unlike last year, we actually had a book fair! It was held in the library, open before and after school, at lunch, and at snack. The PTSA was in charge of everything.

Magruder has had book fairs before, but due to construction problems and financial problems we did not have one last year. We would have scholastic book fairs and the librarian would be in charge, but not this year.

Two main people from PTSA that we have to thank would be Alicia Allen and Denise Spellman. Alicia Allen was in charge of everything. She organized the whole thing. Also Denise Spellman was there every day! She was always there taking care of things to make sure everything was perfect. Alicia thought that a book fair would be a great way to raise money and be a great service for the kids.

Not only did they have books of all kind, but they also had a lot of erasers, pens, bookmarks, all the utensils you would need for a great day at school. We hope we have many book fairs in the future, and we thank all the PTSA for holding a wonderful book fair this year.


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