College and Career Club Field Trip

College and Career Club Field Trip

By: Jazmin Sierra & Jessica Santiago, staff writers

     The College and Career Club and Leadership went on a field trip to the University of California, Irvine to help us imagine what it will be like when we go to college. We learned many things and we got to see all the best sites on campus.

We learned a lot of fun facts about the University.  For instance, their mascot is an interesting animal, Peter the Anteater. The story was told, when they voted for their mascot, Peter the Anteater was not one of the options! Apparently fifty percent of the students added Peter and and they crossed out “Other Option”.

We also learned that they actually have crocodiles on the campus because they are trying to see what helps them fight diseases and if they could replicate that with humans. We were also surprised when we found out that many portions of movies had been filmed on their campus. For example, portions of Ocean’s Eleven, Extreme Days, Creator, Poltergeist, Silent Movie, and Conquest of Planet of the Apes were filmed at UC Irvine!

We also got information on what students do on a regular bases. They can watch movies in the park, go to the arcade, sing at the karaoke club, or get discount tickets to any local amusement park! Luckily, we got to go and we say it was lots of fun.  Thank you to Mrs. Barker and her great College and Career Club!

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