Pennies for Patients

Pennies for Patients

Staff Writer: Phoebe Kim

            On the week of April 22nd~26th was the Pennies for Patients fundraiser. The fundraiser is for kids fighting leukemia. Magruder’s goal was to ‘erase’ leukemia, taking out a letter every $300 we raised.  Our school did fantastic, raising a total of more than $4,401.27! Thanks to the effort, our school will have TWO extended lunches on May ninth and tenth. We want to thank all the people that donated to Pennies for Patients, and for you to know that you were a big help. We all made a difference through this fundraiser! Also, congratulations to Mrs. Jaeger’s class for being the top fifth period class to raise money! The whole class is invited to a free Olive Garden lunch.


Mrs.Smith was in charge of all this, and we should all thank her for being such a big part in helping kids with leukemia. Although she expected us to reach our goal amount, she said she never expected us to raise much more than the goal. She liked seeing the kids working so hard for the fundraiser. Mrs. Smith has done the fundraiser before, and she said that we all know someone with cancer, and that she wanted to do anything to help.


Once again, our school did a fantastic job in this fundraiser. We really helped kids with leukemia, and we should feel good about it. You may not feel it, but you made a difference.

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