Magruder Madness Day

Magruder Madness Day

By: Alex and Nicholas Maculam

See Video of BMX Show:



On Saturday, May, 11, 2013 it was our very first Magruder Madness Day. What hot weather for this event! All the grade levels could join in on the fun, AND you could bring your friends and family! It was mainly a free event but you had to pay for your food. Many others came, not just Magruder Clubs and PTSA members.  Community members had booths too such as Costco, Club Scouts, The Experium Science Organization, Fun Services Inflatables, Jamba Juice, Kumon, LA Galaxy/ Soccer City, Sams club, YMCA, Earthquake Management, and The Torrance Police Department.  In addition, Food Trucks came to feed your hunger, like Ragin’ Cajun, Dogtown Dog hot dogs, and Rockin Ice(shaved ice).

Who hosted such a great event? We have the wonderful volunteers of our Magruder School Site Council to thank for this great event. With this community event being so successful, we are hoping for another Magruder Madness Day next year.

We interviewed a student that goes to MMS. Jenny Pham said “My favorite part about the event was the food trucks, mainly the shaved ice and the BMX show. We’re probably sure that everyone liked the food trucks. We interviewed another girl. “If there’s another event like this, I’m sure to go.” In addition to that, we asked her to rate it to one to ten and she said eight along with another girl, Jessica Santiago.

This event, Magruder Madness day, is a perfect place for your friends and family to go if you have nothing else to do on the weekend. There will be more events like this in the future so make sure to join the PTSA. In conclusion, this was a fun event for everyone but it was also to honor and appreciate our Torrance Police.


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