Blue Ribbon Week

Blue Ribbon Week

By: Catherine Phu and Jade Tao, staff writers

When the local community is in danger, whether it be sudden robberies, abductions, burglaries, etc. the community will always be safe under the wings of the Torrance Police Department.  In order to commemorate their job of protecting the community, schools district-wide celebrate “Blue Ribbon Week” once a year.

May 13-17, 2013 Magruder Middle School, the PTSA sponsored “Blue Ribbon Week”.  Throughout the entire week our school celebrated the Torrance PD for all their hard work and putting their lives on the line.  We posted signs showing appreciation on our front gate.  Tuesday, our principal, Mr. Sheck provided a huge lunch for members of the Torrance Police who came to our school to talk to students.

On May 14th, students found the school’s quad crowded with motorcycles, police cars, an equipment car with a lot of guns and ammunition, and even a K-9 unit.  A lot of students found the lunchtime very fun and interesting.  Jade Tao said, “It was fun to see all the equipment the Torrance P.D. get to use every day.”  Students talked to all the police, asked a lot of questions, and even got to sit in the squad cars.

In the end, Magruder would like to thank the Torrance P.D. for all their hard work and effort in trying to protect us and the community.

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