8th Grade Washington D. C. Trip

8th Grade Washington D. C. Field Trip

By: Catherine Phu and Jessica Santiago, staff writers

Watch this Youtube Video Interview of 4 Magruder Students who visited Washington D.C.: http://youtu.be/06Hm_cFj0mE

On April 23rd, in room 15, the Journalism staff interviewed some of the few eighth graders who went to the annual 8th grade Washington D.C. trip.  The interviewees were Alyse P., Aymen K., Irene M., and Konami M.  These eighth graders got to experience a miraculous trip to historical sites in Virginia, Maryland, and our capital, Washington D. C.  Some of the historical sites they visited included The Jefferson Monticello, The Lincoln Memorial, and The Arlington Cemetery.  They got to imagine what colonial life was like by visiting Williamsburg and Jamestown, VA.  Irene said, “It’s a cool place to go if you love history.”

In order to participate, you have to be an eighth grader.  Save your money because it costs at least $1700., but that includes all your transportation, hotel, food, and travel guide telling about the sites.  Although you have to wait a couple of years, all the interviewees highly recommended the trip to current fellow Mustangs.  Alyse said, “From one to ten, I rate the entire trip a 12.”  As one can see, attending the Washington D.C. trip may just be on your bucket list.

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