The Sock Hop Spring Dance

Spring Dance :The Sock Hop

By: Jessica Santiago, staff writer


This year’s spring dance was the sock hop!  A sock hop is a 90’s themes dance. Many people enjoy this dance while wearing socks. This dance was on Friday, May 24th, and tickets were sold for three dollars at the door and two dollars before the dance. All The proceeds from this dance went to Oklahoma Schools to help with the tornado victims. Student Council sold cookies, pizza, soda, and socks. The cool music came from DJ Ozzie. Cool activities there were the hoola hoop contest and the winner got an In and Out Burger certificate. Rafael Sanchez said, “The dance was cool. It’s great that they are giving all the money to the tornado victims.” They had cool decorations and strobe lights. Thanks to Mr. Rasmussen and all of Student Council!

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