Magruder’s Annual Poetry Contest

Magruder’s Annual Poetry Contest

6th Grade Poetry

Water Polo –  6th grade,1st place

By: Drake K.

Water polo is my joy in life

I love the refreshing feeling of the water

The feel of the brand new grip ball in my hand

When I eggbeater out of the water I feel so tall

When I shoot and score I feel so strong

When I pull someone underwater and get ejected

I feel pumped to get in

When our team wins we feel the best

But when we lose the food doesn’t taste good

Jokes aren’t funny anymore

Hard work beats talent because talent doesn’t work hard

I never lost a game, I just ran out of time.

I love water polo.


Butterfly 6th grade, 2nd place

By: Jessica W.

They don’t know how lucky they are

They come and go as they please

When things get tough, they can leave

They have the wings to be free

The hearts to love

The spirit to be true to themselves



7th Grade Poetry

Summer Days – 7th grade, 1st place

By:  Christiana M.

Laying on the warm concrete driveway

Inching my fingers towards the sky

Watching the clouds pass by so quickly

Feeling the wind brush through my hair

Feeling infinite

Like nothing can stop me from dreaming

Hearing the lawn mower from a distance

Remembering the smile

On dad’s sunburnt face

Seeing he had forgotten his sunblock

Freshly cut grass flying with the wind

Hovering over me

Smelling the coconut sunscreen

My mom piled on me

Tasting the orange flavored popsicle

Watching it drip toward the hot concrete

Ants forming around

The sun from behind the roof


Childhood happiness that won’t be forgotten

Forever in memory



Summertime – 7th gr, 2nd place

By: Jamel H.

Walking along with the cool breeze of a summertime afternoon.

Leaves dancing in front of my very own eyes.

Watching children laugh and giggle,

As they run and chase their days away.

Gasping at the giant sun in the distance.

Sitting under the tree with loved ones.

The taste of hot dogs from a neighbor’s cookout.

A nice vanilla cone when the ice cream truck passes by.

A cherry sucker as you play hide and seek.

Or simply the taste of a soft gentle breeze.

Friendly hellos and simple nods,

A quickly blown kiss that’s never forgotten.

A punch on the arm,

And friendship is complete.


I Miss My Daddy – 7th grade, 3rd place

By: Christina S.

It’s hard to write down how I really feel

I know it isn’t a dream, it’s real.

When I feel sad I look up at the sky

I ask myself the same question, why?

It was eight years ago when you went away

I don’t want you gone I want you here to stay.

I miss you so much and I was only five

If I was granted one wish you would still be alive.

To watch my games and give me a big cheer

Oh how I really wish you were here.

It sometimes gets hard when the holidays come

My brother at least helps me feel better, and so does mom.

I look at your picture  that’s on my wall

You were so handsome and very tall.

Light brown hair and eyes so blue

You could see I stuck to you like glue.

I’m all grown up now which I’m sure you can tell

And I hope you are doing well.

I know you are my guardian angel in the heavens up above

So I’m sending you big kisses and lots of love.


8th Grade Poetry

Where the Wind Blows –1st Place, 8th grade

By: Aimee S.

I want to go where the wind blows

I want to go where I can feel the wind rush through the air

And nip at my neck

I want to go to the colors and feel the grass between my toes

And rush through the air

The freedom of being able to raise my arms

To toy with the feelings of revolt

I want to know that I can escape

And know I can do what my heart desires

I want to know what it feels like

I want to be the truth

I want to be liberated of doubt

And the pain of being wrong

I want to be the one of many and few

And to be free of regret

I want to go where the wind blows

I want to go where I can feel the wind rush through the air

And nip at my neck

I want to go to the colors and feel the grass between my toes

And to have the choice

As the wild lures me back in.


Home – 8th gr, 2nd place

By: Jennifer L.

Thinking about my hometown sometimes means

Seeing my grandmother who always hugged me tightly

Seeing my old house where I spent my childhood

Seeing my old school where I was happy and smiling

Hearing my old friends call my name loudly

Hearing my laughing with my whole families

Having altheas during the spring

Having a heavy air during the summer

Having a tall sky during the autumn

Having snowed mountains during the winter

Thinking about my hometown sometimes means

Feeling free, feeling peace, and feeling home.


Importance – 8th gr 3rd place

By: Michelle N., 8th gr

Scattered around the world,

People are living today.

One person may not make a difference,

But that is wrong.

Without a single wheel,

A vehicle cannot move.

Without a pen,

Literature cannot be written.

Everyone is important,

Everyone is needed.

Although the numbers are growing,

One is better than zero.

A missing penny in a dollar

would not add up to a hundred pennies.

 A missing ingredient

would not cook up a delicious cuisine.

It is the best idea

To live until you face the end.

You are a thread

That holds together a brilliant tapestry.

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