No Regular Spring Break

No Regular Spring Break

By: Melody Garcia (Staff Writer)

            Hey guys! Maci is coming to you live from her bedroom! Nah, that didn’t work did it? Okay I won’t do it anymore, sheesh! Anyway, last week was the week before spring break! Now it’s Monday, but I can’t think of anything to do, so I’m just lying down on my bed reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Then, Mason barges in looking around almost frantically, “Why do you think you can just barge in like that?” I sigh.


“I don’t know. It’s just fun,” he smiled at me.


I rolled my eyes, “Well if you don’t know, then get out.”


“Aw, don’t be like that Little Sis!” He whined and hugged me. That’s when I knew he did something.


“What did you break?”


“…The television…”


“You broke our flat-screen TV?! How?!”


“I was playing catch,” Mason added.


“With whom?” I questioned. I wished I hadn’t asked that question, for the answer was not something I wanted to hear.


“…The TV…” Mason murmured. Yep, I was right. That answer wasn’t something I wanted to hear.


“…Did you forget that it was touch screen?!” I screamed. Okay, I was overreacting just a tad, but I thought Mason would be smarter than that.


“No. I mean not really, but I didn’t mean to break it. Since the TV was touch screen, I thought it would be smarter than all the other TVs I broke, so I took a chance…” Mason looked down at the floor. I felt bad for him; I would feel upset with myself if it was the other way around. However, if it was vice versa, Mason wouldn’t yell at me; he would comfort me until I calmed down, then we would fix this together.


I sighed, “Look Mason, I’m sorry for yelling at you, but just what are Mom and Dad gonna say?”


He just shrugged, still upset with himself. I got up from the now dented spot from where I was on my bed, and crawled to the edge where Mason was. Mason looked at me, then looked back down, which made the guilt build a void in myself only deeper. I hugged him and he tensed, but after a couple seconds, he relaxed and hugged me back, “So what are we gonna do to buy a new TV?” Mason questioned.


“I don’t know, but we have to find a way how,” I stated with determination in my voice. I was not about to let him go down without a fight.


“You’re gonna help?” Mason asked looking up with a small, sad smile.


“You can bet on it,” I smirked as he just smiled wider and squeezed me so tight, I though my insides would rupture. “Ugh… too tight… can’t breathe,” I squeaked out.


“Sorry,” he smiled letting go of me, “I’m just so happy!”


“Yeah, yeah. Let’s just get started.”


We left my room and started to get down to business. The first thing we did was discuss what we were going to do to find all the money to pay for a TV that looked and acted like ours exactly. After we finished arguing, we settled on a food truck. What? Okay, my uncle owns a food truck and is letting a us borrow it. Good thing we’re good at painting and cooking… Well, at least I’m good at cooking. And the paint? Our uncle’s truck has care bears dancing at the beach. It’s really self-explanatory.


“Okay,” I sighed and sat in the truck’s driver seat, “how are we gonna get paint?”


“I don’t know. You’re the smart one,” Mason argued.


“Fine, I didn’t want it to come to this, but we have to… use your credit card!”


“What?! Why mine and not yours?!”


“Um, who broke the TV?” I yelled.


Mason mumbled while I started the truck and drove to Home Depot. It took awhile to find a parking space, mostly because my older brother wouldn’t stop yelling for people to make room for the truck. When we finally got a spot, it was at the end of the lot and we had to walk all the way over to the store, “Ugh! Why did you make us park so far away?” Mason whined. I swear, sometimes he is worse than a three year old.


“Will you stop whining?! Jeez, if you would stop yelling at people, we would have parked closer!” I yelled. We ended up arguing from where we were to the paint section. Once we got there I grabbed a bunch of different blues, greens, reds, and oranges, “Which ones?”


“Uh, the blue and the green,” he said pointing at a mint green and at a midnight blue. It makes sense though, they are our favorite colors.


“Okay! Let’s get some silver paint to make the letters pop out,” I suggested. Mason obliged. I got the paint when I saw someone from the corner of my eye. Oh no not hi-


“Maci?! Is that you?!” A familiar voice called out. I groaned and shrank away behind Mason, who was wearing a confused face.


“Who is that?” He whispered, trying to not be heard by the annoying person in front of us.


“Oh, it is you! What are you doing here?” the boy called out running down the aisle to come face to face with me.


I gave him a small shove, “Just doing what anyone would do in a hardware store, hunt elephants…”


It was Octavian. Weird name, weird person. I ‘dated’ him for a few days at kindergarten, and he hasn’t left me alone since.


“That’s so cool!” Octavian shouted, drawing most of the store’s attention towards us.


I cringed, “Yeah..”


“Again I’ll ask, who is that?” Mason said looking petrified and confused at the teen before us.


“You remember when I was in kindergarten and I had a ‘boyfriend’?” He nodded his head, “Well, I would like you to meet him. His name is Octavian; he’s been following me ever since,” I whispered the last part.


“Oh,” Mason stated with relief evident in his voice,”Well that makes more sense, but why haven’t you told me anything about it?”


I just shrugged. It’s not that I didn’t want to tell him, I was just too lazy to actually tell him that, but right now I wasn’t really focused on telling him. I was trying to figure out a way to make Octavian go away. Then I remembered something, “Hey Octavian! Look in aisle seventeen! There’s a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever!”


He immediately went into search mode, “Where? Where?” He took off running.


“Let’s go before he can realize I was lying,” I whispered to Mason. In our haste, we managed to knock over some people and got yelled at by the manager, telling us to get out and never come back. Oh well, his loss. We usually went there since we loved to repaint our rooms, so he just lost his best, paying customers. There’s also one that is just a couple blocks in the other direction, so it wouldn’t really matter anyways.


When we got back home, we grabbed the biggest paint brushes we could find and painted the whole truck in an hour. Painting was fast and easy since we love art and, again, repaint our rooms… A lot. Afterwards, we grabbed some food and started cooking. It was nothing special; just some pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, and french fries. However, I do make awesome shakes, malts, sundaes, and smoothies, so I figured that I could make some of those too.


I drove to a nearby park, where there were people skating, playing, walking, and even just talking.


One little boy was pulling his mom over towards the truck, “Mommy! Can I please get some ice cream? Please!”


“No. I am sorry, Layne, but food trucks are not healthy and-” she cut off when she saw me and started a new sentence, “You work in there?”


“Yes. My brother accidentally broke the TV, and we are trying to pay for it. It would mean a lot if you could help,” I pleaded.


She seemed convinced, but only because I was working inside and not some random creepy person, “Oh alright. I’ll have turkey and ham sandwich, and what would you like, Layne?”


“Can I have a sundae with extra sprinkles?” He looked up at me hopefully.


I chuckled, “Of course you can,” I smiled.


Mason and I started to make the food, and when we were done the mother looked kind of nervous, “Here. That would be five dollars.”


She handed me the bill and took a bite anxiously, while her son gobbled up the sundae. Her eyes widened, “This is actually really good! You should start a regular business!” She exclaimed walking away with a content son.


I guess people heard what she said and started walking over. One order after another, we had almost three thousand dollars! Well, it wasn’t just them. They had seconds and thirds, then left with full stomachs and smiles on their faces, but after more people started coming and leaving after having thirds! In a rush, Mason and I left when there was no one at the park and went to buy the TV. We decided to get our parents one that was better than the one we had before, just to be nice. No, it was actually so they thought we were being nice, but in reality, we all know what happened. As soon as we got home, and installed the TV, Mason and I said goodnight to each other and went our separate ways. We fell asleep like lights went out. That just goes to show you that we had No Regular Spring Break.

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