Mother’s Day Story

The Weirdest Mother’s Day Ever

by:Jade Tao Staff writer

            Would you like to wake up one morning forgetting something important? Not me, I forgot the most important thing today. It was reminding my Dad about Mother’s Day. I flipped out when I saw the date. I ran to my parent’s room and crept quietly to wake up my dad. I thought frantically of finding a suitable item for Mother’s Day. I thought “ Forget about waking Dad, he is going to get hints about Mother’s Day.”

I ran to the kitchen, looking through the cabinets for pancake mix.” Sorry for cooking Mom.” I whispered to myself. (If you are wondering why, I nearly destroyed the kitchen by forgetting to turn off the oven and covered the whole place with flour.) I followed the directions as best I could and I burnt them. I didn’t know that you had to flip them. I was realizing that waking up my Dad was a good plan thrown away. I looked around the kitchen for a pancake flipper thingy I don’t what it was called. My Brother came running into the kitchen. He looked at me and the black smoke and immediately said.”I am dreaming.” and walked back into his room. I ran and grabbed his collar of his shirt and said,” Can you help me?” He walked to the kitchen opened a drawer to get the flippy thingy. (Hey I didn’t know that was there!) He flipped the pancakes and walked back to his room with the item. I put the failed pancakes into a dish and walked right into my Parent’s room and woke my mom up.

She climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom. I waited at the dining room. She looked at the failed pancakes and sat down. She said,”That is why you should have not cooked it.” She got up and made more pancakes.

After the cooking incident, everyone woke up and went to their own business. I went to my brother and set up a meeting. I started the meeting by saying,”Today is mother’s Day…” My brother stood up and said,” To the Mall!” Then, I blurted out, “ But, all the malls are closed for some odd reason!” My brother, after that little important fact, drained out of his enthusiasm. To recharge his enthusiasm I threw a yellow plastic flower at my Brother.(Haha, literally in your face and where did that come from?) My  brother started thinking about it and that was usually bad sign. I slowly stepped out of the little closet and closed the door.(Did I tell you our secret meetings are in a closet?) I went to my room while I thought quietly.“Why not go to the flower store?”

Once I was there, I put my bike away and went into the store. I looked around and saw flowers everywhere. I looked around and saw a small white flower. I took it from the shelf and looked at the price tag. I was around my price range so, I bought it.

When I came home, my brother was still freaking out. I ignored him and went to my mom. I gave her the flowers and said enthusiastically “Happy Mother’s Day!” The rest of the day ended with my dad with his gift of candy and flowers. My brother gave a mother’s day card. Well, at least the day ended normally.


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