Iron Man 3 Review

Iron Man 3

Staff Writer:Phoebe Kim

            Marvel has come back with another blockbuster, Iron Man 3! It came out May third, and on the first day, it grossed 175.3 million dollars in the first three days, making it the second-best opening of all time behind The Avengers, which came out a year ago. Iron Man 3 can be considered as a sequel to The Avengers, but there is little reference to the actual Avengers.

Tony Stark is back from New York, after the alien attack. He’s human, after all, so after meeting with aliens, he’s been a little anxious. By a little, he can’t sleep, and gets anxiety attacks when anything about what happened in New York is mentioned. He’s getting a little too attached to his suits, stretching his relationship with Pepper Potts, his girlfriend. There’s this group called the Mandarin threatening U.S.A, which isn’t helping Tony’s problem. When his friend gets hurt, Stark wakes up, and responds to the threat. His house is destroyed, and Iron Man is far from home. During his journey to once again save the country, one question haunts him: Does the man make the suit, or the suit make the man?


Filled with action, there’s a reason Iron Man 3 has done so well. Within all the action, we get to see more about Stark’s character. His thoughts, his feelings, his problems. It shows his weak side, behind the so charismatic, humorous, genius playboy billionaire philanthropist. In other words, he becomes human in this movie. I give this movie two thumbs up, and I’m sure you will too!


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