Yugioh Club

Yugioh Club

By: Cody Davis, staff writer

          Have you ever liked collecting trading cards? Have you ever played Yugioh before? Well, now you can – at school. A new club has started and it has everything to do with Yugioh. Yugioh is a card game that was invented to accommodate the T.V series of Yugioh.  When the show first came out no one had a deck to play with at home. so the creators of the show decided to make a trading card series so people can play Yugioh at home.


Yugioh is a very fun game to play. What you do if you want to join is 3 easy steps. 1.) Go to Target and by some cards. 2.) Practice by yourself and get used to your deck. 3.) Lastly go to Yugioh club on Thursday and PLAY.


The Yugioh club meets on Thursdays in room 17, so memorize the day so you don’t miss out. But, if by chance you can’t wait till Thursday, come to Mr. Rasmussen’s room and ask someone if they would like to duel you. Yugioh club was founded by some students that really enjoyed playing Yugioh. Yugioh club meets in Ms. Borowski’s room at lunch so remember to come.  So, remember the rules of Yugioh club, Always have fun!

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