The Croods Movie Review

The Croods: A Review

by Jenny Pham (staff writer)

            By my first impressions in the commercials for the The Croods, I had figured it was a decent movie, but when it turned out it was nothing of the sort.

Let’s start off with who’s who. This movie is about your average family. You have the concerned father, Grug, his lovely wife, Ugga, the idiot brother, Thunk, the baby sister who acts like an animal, Sandy, and the ‘troublemaker’ Eep. Eep’s our female protagonist, who’s kind of different compared to the rest of the family.. She loves to explore, but in a family that shuns curiosity, she doesn’t really fit in, but it all changed after they met a certain person.

In came a new guy called, well, Guy, and he had warned Eep that the end of the world was coming and that they should get moving. After an earthquake and the destruction of their old home, the Croods have found a new world and with the help of Guy, they learn and see new things that they have never even imagined. Along the way they learn a couple things in life too.

The Croods bring you into a whole new world that surprises not just the characters, but even you, and a family that you could probably find across the street. While you’re watching, you’re learning a little something about life and family. Overall, I find it that this movie is one that’s worth seeing.

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