Running Club’s Run To The Pier

Running Club’s Run to the Pier

By: Aaron McGuire

            On May 17th, the Running Club went on their field trip where they run six miles to the Redondo Pier. The Running Club had to run down 190th street over two big hills. Everyone was able to make it to the beach, regardless of the run’s long distance. The students made it to the beach in a little less than an hour.

Once they got there, they started to play in the sand. The teachers and students brought volleyballs and soccer balls to play with. Only a few students went into the water. At about five o’clock, the students and teachers got changed and started eating. The chinese food was very popular there. A lot of the students got churros. Ms. Loftin said that it’s like an annual tradition to get churros at the pier.

Hopefully running to the pier can encourage the students to get into better shape. The students had a lot of fun with this experience. It’s really encouraging to know that the students did make it to the beach. Ms. Peterson said that she thinks we were successful. This run might encourage the 6th and 7th graders to join again next year.

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